3rd Annual "Social Media in Social Research" conference

The buzz from #SRAconf June 2013. Find out more about the Social Research Association via @TheSRAOrg


  1. Twitterstream highlights from the morning sessions at #SRAconf with Dr Farida Vis, Brian Kelly, and researchers from @NatCen sharing different perspectives on the practicalities of working with social media.  
  2. Full coverage of sessions by Dr Farida Vis
  3. Brian Kelly curated his own session
  4. The middle sessions featured criminologist Dr Clare Meehan, social work tutor Jenny Simpson, Dr Nicola Stanley from @SilverDialogue, and a research team from @NatCen.   They presented new findings on user and practice perspectives about the use of social media data by researchers, and the fuzzy boundaries of public, persona and private online behaviour.  
  5. SRA Board member @simonhaslam presented the latest survey results
  6. Reflections