Gender Equality at Work 2015: New Policies for Old Challenges

Policy Dialogue event by Work Futures Research Centre, University of Southampton


  1. The 1968 strike by women machinists at the Ford car plants in Dagenham paved the way for UK legislation on Equal Pay (1970) and Sex Discrimination (1974). Over 40 years later how far have we come in achieving gender equality for in the work place and how far have we still to go? This policy dialogue co-sponsored by Alan Whitehead MP and Caroline Nokes MP, presents a range of expert views and analysis of policy challenges and priorities for the next government.
  2. If more is not done to address long-standing challenges of occupational segregation, the pay gap and unequal unemployment, the UK will continue to waste talent and weaken social and economic inclusion.
  3. Panelists responded to a comprehensive set of recommendations drawn from interviews with policy makers and decision makers in politics, business, trade unions, third sector and international research organisations.