Norm Stewart is a legend in ... what conference again?

When news was released that former Missouri basketball coach and player Norm Stewart will be named a Southeastern Conference Basketball Legend later this year, community members' reactions were part congratulatory and part humorous.


  1. However, the announcement also created confusion, because Stewart was given this title by the SEC – a conference he never coached for.
  2. Soon after, some confusion turned to complaints and comedy.
  3. The Missourian contacted Craig Pinkerton, the SEC's director of media relations, by email to ask how this year's 14 SEC Basketball Legends were selected. 

    "Each school selects which former player or coach they would like to be listed as a legend," Pinkerton said via email. "Each school's legend should be a person who made outstanding contributions on and off the court."

    Take a look at a picture that the SEC's digital media director Eric SanInocencio tweeted today after the announcement, along with a video found on YouTube about Stewart that includes some footage of his Missouri playing days.
  4. 8 Ball in the 80s - Stormin' Norm