Readers share flooding photos

Missourian readers have been sending us their views of rain and flooding in Columbia on Thursday and Friday. To contribute yours, email, post to or tweet to @CoMissourian.


  1. Amy Childs Sanders sent these photos and wrote: "Extreme flooding on the MKT trail off Scott Blvd (West side of road)."
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  4. Twitter user @xoxolaurahutton sent this photo and wrote: "from forum bridge 3 hrs after rain stopped....yikes!"
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  6. Shannon Leslie O'Brien shared this photo of Old Mill Creek Road.
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  8. Erica Evans sent this photo of her back yard.
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  10. Twitter user @DanaRademan, a legislative staffer, sent these photos of water in Hearing Room 3 at the state Capitol. She told us that "water penetration is a common and ongoing problem in the Capitol bldg."
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  12. Laura Hutton sent this photo of the "Green Meadows Swim Club," a private location that apparently has its own Twitter account (@GMswimclub).
  13. The dramatic weather was captured Thursday night as well.

    Brian Rickard sent this picture and wrote: "Here is a pic of a double rainbow behind the storm clouds had pass and when the sun was just above the trees in the evening."
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  15. Twitter user @mikelmahoo sent this and said: "Hinkson creek trail was 3 feet deep last night"
  16. Clyde Bentley sent this photo to the newsroom Thursday evening and wrote: "The storm caught a canoe on Hinkson Creek and wrapped it around a tree."
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  18. Karen Mitchell sent this photo to the Missourian Thursday evening. She wrote: Drivers try to navigate high water that runs the full width of E. St. Charles Rd. near Demaret Dr. in Columbia on Thursday, May 20, 2013. This spot wasn't the worst of the flooding — just east of this location St. Charles Rd. was blocked by two cars that stalled while trying to drive through deeper water on the road.
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