MU Compliments spreads appreciation across campus

Friends of new MU Compliments Facebook page sent in anonymous notes of positivity towards University students and employees.

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  1. Michelle Fiesta is like that feeling you get when you live in Missouri and it's the end of November and it's 65 degrees and sunny outside.
  2. " class="">Nicole Silvestri is the greatest femininja this campus has ever seen.
  3. I find" class="">Mahir Khan to be one of the kindest, passionate and hardest working humans I've ever known. He can always make me feel better. Usually with the help from corgi photos.
  4. Jesse Day is the bee's knees. I try to emulate him, because he makes people so happy! He also makes great coffee. And is a self proclaimed morning AND night person.
  5. Creative. Crazy. Compassionate. Those are the three C's of Laura Ebone. She's made my day more than once and I just hope she continues to brighten the lives of other people on campus like I know she has for me.
  6. Sometimes I'm like, "I want a million chocolate chip cookies!" And then other times I'm like, "Actually all I want is to hang out with Theo Tushaus."
  7. Collin Ruane is an incredibly hard working, dorky, and fun guy who uses the term "cherub" way too often. Always on top of his game, passionate about what he wants to do with his life as well as his family back home, and his willingness to help anyone who feels down make me really admire him. You make people's lives better. Keep it up, dude!
  8. Little Miss Maura Baker is the strongest woman I know. She could conquer the world if she felt like it. Not only that but she has a heart of gold, a gorgeous smile, and is absolutely beautiful. The time and effort she puts in to what she is passionate about will always make me look up to her... Figuratively of course. Also the fact that she could quote any scene from any Sex and the City episode, makes her a gem in my book ;)
  9. Joel Dalton is one beautiful man. Keep wearing those V-necks. ;)
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  11." class="">MU Compliments: GO CHECK IT OUT! It's an awesome way to tell someone you know how awesome they are. Add them :)
  12. This is cutest thing to ever happen to Facebook or Mizzou :)
  13." class="">MU Compliments!! What a great and awesome idea. Especially when you see things happen with Twitter like have happened with Mike Dixon, it's great to see the University using social media in a positive way.
  14. Aaaaand faith in humanity restored thanks to" class="">MU Compliments :)