Missouri football fans relieved about first SEC win

The Tigers beat Kentucky 33-10 Saturday at Memorial Stadium to clinch their first Southeastern Conference win during MU's Homecoming.

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  1. Mizzou got an SEC win! 33 Mizzou to 10 Kentucky, good game!
  2. I would like to thank UK for being in the sec. Mizzou
  3. Mizzou finally didnt fall apart in the fourth and got an SEC win! Alright!
  4. It was sloppy, but Mizzou actually won a game! Love my Tigers! M-I-Z-Z-O-U!
  5. Proud of mizzou but it's Kentucky not Alabama stay focused and win out
  6. Yay Tigers!!! M-I-Z....Z-O-U!!
  7. My Tigers put together a much better 2nd half and beat Kentucky 33-10 for their very first SEC win! It looks like Mizzou's first team QB, dual threat James Franklin, is back and about 80-90% healthy. He only played the last quarter but the whole team perked up with their leader back on the field!
  8. Way to go Mizzou but next week is here in 'The Swamp". Watch out.