Columbia residents share their snowstorm experiences on social media

Here's a look at what Columbia residents had to say about traffic, road conditions, and snow depth measurements throughout today's snowstorm.

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  1. The Missourian collected a selection of photos from Twitter showing snow depth measurements around the city. You can view the album here on Flickr. If you have a measurement of your own, tweet it to @CoMissourian with the hashtag #CoMoSnow.
  2. From reports on traffic to updates on road conditions and acts of kindness, drivers shared their experiences on the Columbia's roads during the snowstorm today.
  3. COLUMBIA - After hours of traffic at a dead stop, MoDOT officially closed a stretch of I-70 near the U.S. 63 interchange Thursday afternoon. Drivers report having not moved for more than an hour. the stretch between the Lake of the Wood exit and U.S. 63 is experiencing the worst of the jam.