Columbia glimpses the 2013 supermoon

Last night, the moon rose high and large over Columbia. It was the 2013 supermoon, also known as a perigree moon, which occurs when a full moon lines up with the Earth and sun and is at a point where the moon is nearest to the Earth as it traces its orbit.


  1. Missourian photographer Unho Yi caught a picture of the moon at the Burr Oak Tree last night. Check out the cover photo we made of his photograph here: 
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  3. Some Columbia residents were awed by the moon, and took pictures to prove it. 
  4. But other Columbians found the moon to be lackluster, annoying or hard-to-find. 
  5. But even when the moon could not be found, it still turned out to be a beautiful summer night in Columbia. 
  6. Do you have photos of the supermoon you'd like to share? Email them to or tweet at @CoMissourian with the hashtag #supermoon