Columbia glimpses the 2013 supermoon

Last night, the moon rose high and large over Columbia. It was the 2013 supermoon, also known as a perigree moon, which occurs when a full moon lines up with the Earth and sun and is at a point where the moon is nearest to the Earth as it traces its orbit.

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  1. Missourian photographer Unho Yi caught a picture of the moon at the Burr Oak Tree last night. Check out the cover photo we made of his photograph here: 
  2. The perigee moon shines above the Burr Oak Tree
  3. Some Columbia residents were awed by the moon, and took pictures to prove it. 
  4. But other Columbians found the moon to be lackluster, annoying or hard-to-find. 
  5. But even when the moon could not be found, it still turned out to be a beautiful summer night in Columbia. 
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