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Unlimited Space Agency Hacking Space

Jon Spooner, director of Human Space Flight Operations at the Unlimited Space Agency, is attempting to hack his way into space using a secret launch point alleged to be hidden somewhere in the UK Met Office.


  1. Unlimited Space Agency
    Jon describes his mission in his blog and on video:
  2. Jon was interviewed about his plans by NASA's Nick Skytland:
  3. Preparation

    No one should attempt a space expedition without careful planning and preparation.  Here Jon gets advice from experts around the world in preparation for his flight.
  4. Dr Alex Kumar is the European Space Agency research medical doctor based at the Concordia station in Antarctica and Skyped in from the most remote place on earth to answer Jon's questions about his work there testing the limits of human physical and psychological endurance.
  5. NASA's Don Thomas is an engineer, the Head of the Hackerman Academy of Mathematics & Science in Tucson and between 1991 and 2007 was an astronaut flying as a mission specialist on 4 space shuttle missions. Jon was VERY excited (and humbled) that Don, one of the world’s most accomplished and experienced astronauts, was able to call and offer his wisdom.
  6. European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake is currently training with NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) for a 5 day mission underwater as an aquanaut. Tim called from his apartment close to the Johnson Space Centre to answer Jon's questions about what he should be doing to prepare for his trip to space.
  7. Astronaut instructor Loredana Bessone is head of the European Space Agency’s Instructional Technologies, Special Skills Training, and Exploration Unit. She trains astronauts for space by creating space-like environments and situations on Earth. Loredana called from the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne to answer Jon's questions about how to best work as a team to achieve his goal.
  8. Live with Loredana Bessone
  9. Dr Andy Newsam is an astrophysicist based at Liverpool John Moores University and the Director of the National Schools Observatory project. Andy knows EVERYTHING ABOUT SCIENCE and Skyped in to answer a great range of questions from young and older agents about space and science.
  10. Dr Andy Newsam answers ALL the questions
  11. Dr Gail Iles is a condensed matter physicist and until recently was an astronaut instructor at the European Space Agency with over 500 parabolas flown onboard the A300 Zero-G Airbus. Gail Skyped in to answer my questions about how she got such an awesome job and what she thinks I should be doing to prepare for space.
  12. The Big Moment
    As launch time approaches, Jon's excitement turns to frustration due to some last minute delays.
  13. But it's worth the wait: Jon addresses the world live from space!
  14. Who's tweeting what?