2017 Data Science Day at Columbia

Our third-annual Data Science Day drew more than 600 people to Lerner Hall.

  1. The morning kicked off with talks on privacy, security, and civic tech, with SIPA's Hollie Russon Gilman, Columbia Engineering's Suman Jana, and Columbia Journalism School's Susan McGregor. Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation's Laura Kurgan moderated.
  2. The second series of talks focused on data science applications, with Zuckerman Institute's Stefano Fusi, Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' Andrew Gelman, Columbia Engineering's Andreas Mueller and Columbia Engineering's Mingoo Seok. Columbia Engineering's John Wright moderated.
  3. Two Sigma CTO Alfred Spector gave the keynote "Opportunities and Perils of Data Science."
  4. The third series of talks focused on patient-driven health care, with Columbia Medical Center's Kenrick Cato, Noemie Elhadad and Ken Cheung. Columbia Engineering's Itsik Pe'er moderated.
  5. The last series of talks focused on the sharing economy with Columbia Engineering's Sharon Di, Columbia Business School's Costis Maglaras and Columbia Law School's Eric Talley. CBS's Paul Glasserman moderated.
  6. After the talks, demos! Check out the full list of projects.
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