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Inside TechRaking II: Gaming the News

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, gaming industry executives, designers and artists convened with journalists at IGN to explore how gaming platforms can be used to reach and engage citizens in investigative journalism. Here's what they came up with. More info at:


  1. TechRakers were asked to choose a spirit animal with their registration. The reason would be revealed later in the day: Two attendees that chose animals with numbers stamped on them were promised a free lunch at CIR.  
  2. Joaquin Alvarado, CIR’s chief strategy officer, played emcee and kicked things off by explaining the schedule and rules for the day, along with introductions by Robert J. Rosenthal, CIR's executive director; Tal Blevins Blevins, IGN's vice president of games content; Jeanne Brooks, the Online News Association's director of innovation and community engagement; and Michael Skoler, Public Radio International's vice president of interactive media.
  3. After the intros and ground rules had been given, TechRakers broke into five groups to hear presentations and participate in discussions with Nonny de la Peña, Heather Chaplin, Dennis Bonilla, and CIR's Steve Talbot and Chase Davis.
  4. CIR's Chase Davis led a conversation about how machine learning and gaming could potentially improve journalism and public engagement.