Alumni Cruise 2016 to Costa Rica & Panama

Cruise of alumni from Rice and other universities, traveling through Panama Canal. Storify created by Daniel Cohan, Rice University associate professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, who served as a lecturer for Alumni Cruise. Contact for more information.


  1. Alumni cruise overviews

  2. MV Star Breeze cruise ship

  3. Rice Alumni

  4. Daniel Cohan, Alumni Cruise lecturer from Rice University

  5. This Prezi describes innovations in pedagogy aimed at empowering students to learn, teach, act, and lead. I've been calling it #WhyNotPedagogy or #ACE_Education, with ACE = Air Climate Energy.
  6. The new approaches are embodied in Rice Air Climate and Energy Education, which held its first ACE Forum Feb 9-10, 2016, just after the Alumni Cruise
  7. Many of my discussions on board the Alumni Cruise related to how easy it is to unleash a home and car from fossil fuels.
  8. Other lecturers on Alumni Cruise:
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