ds106 Final Projects: Spring 2013 at UMW

Final stories for ds106 created by University of Mary Washington students for Spring 2013


  1. The Rise of Curious George
  2. "The New Adventures of Old George" by Lara - see production notes  http://ds106.larahampson.com/goodbye-ds106/ 
  3. NPH and the Search for Color
  4. "NPH and The Search For Color" by Nancy - see production notes  http://ds106.bellekid.com/2013/05/03/nph-and-the-search-for-color-the-backstory/ 
  5. "Are You There World, It's Me Taylor" by Brittany- see the production notes  http://ds106.brittanydray.com/2013/04/final-wrap-up/ 
  6. "Alice, Interrupted" by Brooke - see production notes  http://ds106.heymsparker.org/2013/05/03/its-all-over-oh-noooo/ 
  7. The World of Fate and Technology Collide by "Princess" Karissa - see production notes  http://ds106.confessionsofafuturedisneyprincess.com/2013/04/30/oh-what-a-night/ 

  8. Preview of Royal Pinterest Board
    Preview of Royal Pinterest Board
  9. "Kate’s Royal Diary. A look into this pregnant mom’s life" by Kaitlyn - see production notes  http://ds106.kncrotty.com/final-story-summary/ 
  10. "Mario and Friends do Tomorrowland" by Cole - see production notes  http://ds106.cwyrough.me/weekly-summary-15/