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My internet friends come together to honor the memory of my Mom who passed away unexpectedly on August 28, 2011. They declared Sept 4 to be a day to bake cookies and share with strangers, just like Mom did. See


  1. I was on my way crossing Canada as part of my Odyssey when the call came in Belleville, Ontario during a dinner with friends Andy and Kent...

  2. Andy was a huge amount of support as I stayed at his house; drank whiskey and did a ds106 radio broadcast before I set out the next day to drive to Baltimore.
  3. #ds106radio 4 life! They played live music, songs, and stuff for me as I drove 530 miles to get from Ontario to Baltimore.
  4. She Likes Her Butterfly
    She Likes Her Butterfly
  5. Martha Burtis (@mburtis) launched the idea for #Cookielove day via a google doc
  6. 2011/365/244 Young Alyce
    2011/365/244 Young Alyce
  7. On my travels I had been sending her a series of "Cousin Bobby" style postcards from every state and province I visited. On the day I got the call I had just bought on from Ontario, so I delivered the last postcard at her funeral.