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Cosplayers are geeks, too.

Simon Pegg, being gross!


  1. What is UP with comedians this week? Did they get a "hey, dudes, let's all be douchey about women!" memo? Simon Pegg tweeted these gems this morning from San Diego Comic-Con.
  2. [The image in his second tweet is a group shot of slave Leia cosplayers.) This kind of attitude is really common and really destructive. It reduces cosplayers down to objects, and suggests that they are NOT fellow geeks, but actually decoration. They are only there to serve as fantasy fodder for male geeks. You know, the actual PEOPLE in this equation. (A good sign you're objectifying women: you're comparing them to food.) It's gross. So I told him so.
  3. And, of course, his response was dismissive.
  4. Here's the thing: "sexuality" is not about objectifying women. Actual sexuality is *being sexual.* Drooling over cosplay women, calling them "girls," and suggesting that their fandom and cosplaying are just there to get you off? That's not sexuality. That's just you being gross.
  5. Then he tried to pull the "it's not sexism if I didn't do it on purpose!" card.
  6. I thought I might actually be getting somewhere, so I tried to appeal to the side of him that may NOT want women to feel excluded from geek communities. I tried to point out that there is actual harm in this kind of nonsense. And his response was bullshit. (Are you seeing a pattern? Because I was.) He may have called my feminism outdated '90s shit, but his thinking is really like that. Sexism COUNTS, even when you don't offend the woman in question, or if you didn't do it on purpose.