Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland (the background)

The House of Delegates this week is considering legislation that would redefine marriage in Maryland from "between a man and a woman" to "between two individuals," and permits churches to refuse to perform same-sex unions if the practice violates their beliefs. The legislation has already passed the Senate and has the support of Gov. Martin O'Malley. Below you will find some background on the subject in Maryland, starting a year ago when Washington, D.C., first started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


  1. Delegate Don Dwyer, R-Anne Arundel, testifies against same-sex marriage during a committee hearing in the House of Delegates. 
  2. The Maryland Catholic Conference's Facebook page directs people on how to send emails to members of the General Assembly telling them to oppose same-sex marriage.
  3. The Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage are among the out-of-state groups planning to push for a statewide referendum next year if same-sex marriage passes in Maryland.
  4. Equality Maryland has been among the leaders in the push for same-sex marriage in the state, lobbying and getting supporters to let legislators know they want Maryland's law changed.