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#stoptheterror project posts photos for peace

As international pressure mounts to halt hostilities in Gaza and Israel following days of rocket attacks and airstrikes, Instagram user ido8all, aka Ido Simyoni from Israel, decided to start a project asking people to post images and tag them #stoptheterror.


  1. ido8all, shown in the above image, said the message behind the project was that "terror is everywhere and it doesn't matter if you are from Tel Aviv or NYC, you can get attacked." 
    However, while he started the project with his own country in mind, he says it applied to everyone. "I come with peace to this project hoping to increase the awareness of how it is important to defeat terror everywhere," he said.
  2. #stoptheterror #israel #ig_israel_hasbara #peace #ישראל #cnnireport
    #stoptheterror #israel #ig_israel_hasbara #peace #ישראל #cnnireport
  3. The project mirrors a wider trend around the conflict as social media becomes a virtual battleground for both sides. The Israeli army has posting regular updates on blogs and YouTube while also interacting with Hamas's armed wing on Twitter, as noted by CNN's John D. Sutter.
  4. #stoptheterror We had enough
    #stoptheterror We had enough
  5. Michal from Tel Aviv, Israel, sent her own poignant interpretation of the project. The outskirts of Tel Aviv have been hit several times by rockets in recent days. Three Israelis have been killed in rocket attacks on southern Israel, while at least 92 Palestinians have died since Israeli air strikes began.
  6. So far almost 5,000 images have been posted using the hashtag. Most have been from Israelis decrying rocket attacks on their territory, but Ido says some have been posted from as far afield as Portugal and South Korea.
  7. Collaboration with my beloved brother @dankho #stoptheterror
    Collaboration with my beloved brother @dankho #stoptheterror
  8. Instagram user irahok and her brother worked together to send in this image.
  9. Itai from Ashdod want it to stop❗❗❗
    Itai from Ashdod want it to stop❗❗❗
  10. Instagram user tamar808 sent an image from Ashdod, in southern Israel, which has been hit by several rockets fired from Gaza in the past few days.
  11. You can submit your own images by tagging them #cnnireport on Instagram. You can also send in your thoughts and views on the Gaza/Israel conflict to iReport, but please stay safe.