No voting sticker? No problem!

CNN iReport asked people to post images of themselves with their voting stickers to prove they voted. Not everyone had a sticker, but plenty of people found other ways to demonstrate that they participated in the election. Here are five ways they showed that they had done their civic duty.

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  1. 1. Print it out!

  2. If you don't have a sticker in your area, you can print out this snazzy image at home.
  3. Kimberly Hicks, who lives in New York, says she wasn't able to get stickers from her polling place, but she used the template and printed out her own.
  4. I voted! Thanks to CNN iReport for giving me the sticker NY didn't. I feel complete now! #ivotedcnn #electionday #election2012
  5. iReporter Chris Morrow of San Diego, California, was able to vote in New York. Since she also didn't get a sticker, she downloaded the CNN iReport template to her phone and showed us her screen.
  6. Or just show your candy.
  7. No sticker after voting but Berne NY gives out candy :) #ivotedcnn
  8. 2. Draw your own

  9. Courtney Flannery in Warsaw, Indiana, was hoping to get a sticker. When she didn't get one, she made her own image and posted it to CNN iReport.
  10. For those going the drawn-on-paper route, just get some pieces of tape and you're ready to rumble.
  11. I voted. 10 days ago. And never even got a sticker :(
  12. This person wrote on their hand
  13. We heart this.
  14. I was sad that you can't vote in person in Oregon, so my coworkers made me my own sticker :)
  15. Tanya Beatty of Los Angeles, California, held up her explanation for a lack of sticker.
  16. Here's a similar approach.
  17. We received an image via CNN iReport from Kate Coleman of Wilmington, Delaware, showing a pretty spectacular sticker.
  18. 3. Post-It notes