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Messages for Malala

Hundreds of people have sent in goodwill messages via CNN's social media to Malala Yousufzai, the young Pakistani schoolgirl activist shot by the Taliban who is currently recovering in a UK hospital. Doctors said on Friday she was communicating well, although she was "not out of the woods yet."


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  2. People shared supportive comments on the CNN International Facebook page in response to the post above.
  3. You are an inspiration to your gender & your people. I have shared your story with my girls in hopes that they never take for granted the freedoms they have & that they also appreciate the scarifies made by people like you who have give so much for the things they believe are right. God bless you & are prayers are with you & your family.
  4. I hope you make a full recovery, Malala! The world needs more people like you! Best wishes and a thank you to your doctors!
  5. Stay strong you brave, brave girl. From my God to yours my you have many blessing and be kept safe.
  6. The bravest girl in Muslim word who dare sacrifice for the good of future!
  7. cowards lay back while fighters face the bad! May you be healthier than ever. Lots of love. From Pakistan.
  8. Love your spirit and bravery... Your courage and determination is an inspiration to all!!! My prayers are with you sweetheart!!!
  9. Others sent messages of support to the @CNNi and @CNNiReport Twitter accounts using the hashtag #messageformalala.
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  11. Doctors said Malala was able to write coherent sentences and stand up, although the bullet that hit her had caused some "physical damage" to the brain. 
  12. Many wellwishers on Twitter said in their #messageforMalala that they were praying for the young activist.