Kenyan elections: Long lines and purple fingers

Throngs of Kenyans lined up Monday to choose a new president in the country's first general election since the tumult of 2007, when disputed vote results exploded in ethnic violence nationwide.

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  1. Despite sporadic reports of violence, such as the deaths of 10 policemen in Mombasa, so far Kenyans have been keen to show a peaceful vote in the East African state.

    CNN asked Kenyans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to show their images from voting day, and were flooded with responses. Here are some of the best.
  2. Instagram user @Divipink, a lawyer, voted at Westlands primary school in Nairobi. "It was great," she told CNN. "Everyone [is] in the voting spirit."
  3. Just exercised my constitutional right to vote for my country's elections. May the best man/woman win! ❤ Kenya.
  4. Fauzia Fabdalla braved seven hours in line to cast her vote in the Kamukunji district of Nairobi.
  5. After 7 good hours at the polling station... #vote#done#colouredfinger#kenya#timetowait#for#results
  6. And Instagram user George Arabbu voted in Langata high school in Nairobi.
  7. Long lines were reported in many parts of the country, such as here in Langata constituency in Nairobi county, in @asplund's image on Instagram.
  8. Moi Avenue polling station in Nairobi saw huge lines around the block as people prepared to vote, as seen in Instagram user Ephraim Muchemi's image ...
  9. ... and large lines winding down corridors inside.
  10. Kevo Juice, aka Kevin Kamau, voted in Dagoretti South constituency in Nairobi. "Long queues but Kenyans were calm and letting the old people and those with infants go ahead and vote," he said. "Totally amazed by the Kenyan spirit!"
  11. Instagram user Cliff Boit proudly showed off his 'manicure', or purple ink, from voting in Kahawa Wendani polling station in Nairobi.
  12. Elsewhere in Kenya, voters reported long, but moving queues, and good spirits amongst those waiting in the broiling sun, although 20 people were reported injured following a stampede in Kitengela, south of Nairobi.
  13. Mombasa is doing well and the cues are moving. Very peaceful even though the process is extremely slow.
  14. Woh,i have cast my vote peacefully. The 4 hr que didnt bother or dampen my spirit. Nakuru the epicentre of kenyan politics is peaceful. In short icc should not expect any suspects this time round.
  15. Arrived at Nairobi River Primary School polling station ,Nairobi at 5.30am and finally cast my vote at 8.30am.No issues at all,everyone was calm.The 3hr wait determines my choice for the next 5 years!
  16. Recent polls have shown a close race between the top two candidates, leading to a possible run off next month. But for now, many Kenyans, it seems, are glad just to have been part of the process.

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