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Life after 'Twilight': Which team are you on #WhenTwilightEnds?

We asked both Twi-hards and Twi-haters what they will do now that the theatrical "Twilight" saga has ended.


  1. The end of the theatrical "Twilight" saga means the end of one of the most popular, intensely followed movie franchises of recent years. So what will those Twi-hards (and sometimes equally as intense Twi-haters) do now that it's coming to an end? Fans have traditionally divided themselves up into "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob," but we noticed a few different teams bubbling up on social media. (Photo courtesy iReporter Byron Thomas, who identifies with "Team 'Hunger Games,'" but says he enjoyed going to the showing with friends nonetheless.)
  2. Team 'It's finally over'

  3. Annoying movie. Whiny characters, I never understood the wolf pack's allergy to shirts. Can't wait for it to end.
  4. Team 'The books were better'

  5. Team 'We'll miss 'Twilight''

  6. Team 'Meh'

  7. Team 'You'

  8. If you’re excited to see the movie, or not, let us know. Share your photos and footage of the diehard Twi-hards in line and tell us if the final installment of the vampire saga lived up to your expectations. Or not.