Girls + Education = ...

CNN is partnering with 10x10, a global action campaign to promote girls’ education, to spread the message that educating girls in developing nations can change the world. Together, we're inviting people to to raise awareness on why educating girls is #basicmath.

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  1. October 11 is the International Day of the Girl. CNN joined with the global organization 10x10 to ask women worldwide to create signs sharing why they think educating girls worldwide is so important.
  2. Some of the ladies of the iReport team kicked things off in Atlanta with our own Girls + Education sign.
  3. It's the International Day of the Girl! Join the ladies of @cnnireport and share your reason why educating girls is #basicmath.
  4. And women across the world joined in as well.  There were plenty of responses on Instagram, including this one from iReporter Vanessa Vakharia, who runs a tutoring studio called The Math Guru, and asked her students what educating girls meant to them. Their answers are on the whiteboard behind Vakharia.
  5. Tomorrow's international Day of the Girl. #basicmath
  6. We also saw great participation on Twitter ...
  7. And the ladies -- and one gentleman -- of Twitter's Education Ads team participated, too. "A big focus of Twitter's effort is around encouraging more women to enter the field of engineering," they said. Awesome!
  8. We also saw some beautiful photos on Flickr ...
  9. “Girl Rising,” a documentary that inspired the 10x10 campaign, will air on CNN in spring 2013. The film tells the extraordinary stories of several girls from around the globe, fighting to overcome impossible odds to realize their dreams.
  10. GIrls + Education = Girl Rising
  11. Of course it wasn't just women and girls that joined the campaign ...
  12. Colin McElwee and David Risher, Worldreader
  13. What about you? 

  14. Join in the effort by printing or creating your own Girls + Education sign and sharing it on iReport, Instagram or Twitter. We'll continue to add some of the best responses here, so join in!