Anonymous Propaganda Ministry [nyc]

Dr. Ifeoma T. Amobi

Journalism and Mass Communication lecturer, University of Lagos, Nigeria. Research interests: Multimedia, Film, Theory & Methods & International Communication

Pam Udall

Texas Medical Association: Director Media Relations & PR. Focus on health care advocacy and policy.

Maria Jo Geletei


Decoding Dyslexia MI

Decoding Dyslexia MI is a grassroots movement driven by MI families concerned w/ limited access 2educational interventions 4learning differences in our schools

Teen Dating - OTN is a teen dating site & social network for teens 13 to 19.


Sasa Kucan

Clever for hire and student of PhD studies of criminal law

Bayo O

a student of the world exploring uncharted regions in the healthcare universe and beyond...


@womens_eNews Reporter & @AJplus freelance VJ --- Follow MENA/France/ Women's issues/ Immigration/Minorities/ Photography -- Views are my own.

Eden Estopace

Technology writer, editor, mother, friend.

luis antónio santos

Journalist. University lecturer. Not-so-early tech adopter. Curious. Very much so. Portuguese. Born in Mozambique. Into newsroom transformations.

Donald Sturge McKenzie II