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Marijuana legalization: Worth pursuing?

Here's a look at what readers are saying about efforts to legalize marijuana in the United States. A large proportion of them have said they are in favor of legalization, but they didn't all agree on such measures. They also talked about how such rules would be implemented.


  1. People weighed in not only from Colorado and Washington, but from other states that have considered changing their marijuana policies. This map shows some of the places in these and nearby states where conversation was taking place. Please note that the locations shown are approximations of where the comments came from or what places the posts were about.
  2. Comments in favor

  3. There are a lot of us from the 60's here in Colorado who never imagined it would take over 40 years for this to happen.  A lot of happy senior citizens!
  4. That's my plan - moving to Colorado where they have freedom in mind socially and fiscal responsibility built into the state constitution. A Libertarian state more or less - hopefully the gay marriage thing flies there too. Freedom is a DANGEROUS thing to Republicans and Democrats apparently.
  5. 55-45 % of people voted yes here in Colorado...the people have spoken
  6. The big winner? Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver will now get to rake in all the tax revenue from sales to Portland-area smoking enthusiasts. Good for you 'Couve!!  (that is, until a better-written Oregon legalization measure passes next year :-)
  7. I choose not to eat red meat for moral and health reasons. I do not believe hamburgers, however, should be illegal. Marijuana use is not my preference but I fail to see any legitimate claims towards its legailty being an issue.
  8. The tax revenue from National legalization of marijuana would solve Most of America's problems. Marijuana legalization would put the Mexican and other cartels out of business.
  9. From commenter Deborah Morgan:
  10. The historic victories in Colorado and Washington to legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol will be remembered as the beginning of the end of America's marijuana prohibition. For those unfamiliar, this is exactly the path taken to lift federal prohibition of alcohol in the early 20th century. It's wonderful that America is finally acknowledging the facts about marijuana, rather than embracing the hysteria which has no basis in fact. Good on you, Colorado and Washington! Now, President (again) Obama needs to support the will of the People and stop his useless raids...
  11. Comments with caveats

  12. I am waiting for a hip replacement and could probably smoke some medical marijuana for the pain. However I cant handle the smell and it makes my girlfriend break out in a rash. Like any other drug it is not perfect and does have side effects
  13. Think like every drug marijuana will be abused by some just as is booze. Taking a middle ground do not think weed is the Big Evil but also do not think it is the Cure All for all the worlds problems either
  14. I voted against it here in Oregon, in part because the way it was written, large companies would be the growers and sellers to the public.  In part I feel  thats a infringement on my rights to purchase and use. If Cosco wants to sell legalized pot by the truckload, fine by me, I wont be buying it.  But if my  friend has a small growing operation and  has some for sale.. Ill gladly buy their product over the Cosco brand.
  15. Washington's law is a terrible unworkable law! Please use Colorado as an example not Washington
  16. Well now that its legal here in Washington they can actually hold studies to determine what level in you blood corresponds to how long ago you smoked and how messed up you are.  Right now that is the big question but hopefully it will be handled wisely with a realistic limit in your blood.  If people start getting dui's from having smoked yesterday then that will just start a whole new round of activism directed at personal liberty to change the way testing occurs.  The whole point of legalization is to get the government to stop wasting precious resources like money and people, and focus on more serious problems.
  17. If the GOP wants power. I mean really wants power they should work to make marijuana legal in every state. I wont be smoking but I dont care if someone else does. As long as they are not operating heavy machinery or driving big whoop. Tax it make it like cigarettes. The people you have not been reaching will vote for you. You will expand your base.
  18. From commenter Max Brooks:
  19. There is absolutely no reason for marijuana to be illegal without being hypocritical towards other things like alcohol and tobacco. I look forward to the State vs Federal showdown that these ballot measures will create
  20. Comments opposed

  21. People, you do realize that marijuana just like any other drug has negative long term effects. Now before you start saying that tobacco and alcohol are worse and yet we allow them. You have to remember that both of those were legalized before we knew how bad they were for you. We know now how bad marijuana can be so why should be legalize something we know is bad. We tried to get rid of alcohol it didn't work. The gov't realized you can't get rid of something that is already so rooted into our society. Marijuana has negative effects. If you go on pubmed and search for it, you will find it. And despite what everyone says, I have personally seen marijuana induced accidents, seizures, etc. It can be just as bad as alcohol or tobacco, the full effects just aren't fully studied yet.
  22. From commenter just sayin: