Do we need a #smartwatch? The twittersphere is skeptical

Smartwatches are the hottest trend in tech right now, and Samsung has jumped in with Galaxy Gear. The $299 watch is not a phone. It links up with Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and tablets to let users know when they receive a call, text or email. But does anyone care? We ask the twittersphere.


  1. And here it is: Samsung mobile introduces GalaxyGear. It looks smart, but initial reviews are skeptical. CNNMoney's very own Adrian Covert called it "unimaginative, reductive and maybe even retrograde."  

  2. Consumers will get their hands on it September 25.
  3. But there are plenty of cynics already tweeting their take. @chetanasher introduced the hastag  #fail along with the classic #firstworldproblems
  4. While Kontra took a dig at the tech companies' efforts to refresh themselves.
  5. Tech writers' reviews were mixed, but not hugely enthused.
  6. Others were more generous. Technology expert Jeff Kagan reckons we might just love it. 
  7. But the new smartwatch's likeness to devices gone by -- and left behind -- was not unnoticed. In the 1980s, we had the calculator watch, as one tweeter pointed out. So are we just headed straight back to the future? 
  8. At least it's kicked up the smart devices war again. Apple hasn't launched a new smartphone or tablet in about a year, while rivals are releasing new devices far more frequently.

    As Kagan points out, the company reserved the name iWatch a while back and "we expected them to introduce their new device first. This time however Samsung beat Apple to the punch." Kagan says the iWatch will still turn up: "Whether it's next week or in the near future I do think Apple will jump into the same smartwatch space. It's the next wireless frontier."

    Meanwhile, of course, Apple is holding an event September 10 and has all but confirmed it will be launching a new iPhone. 

  9. One side issue: Which device is for the women and which is for the men? It's a debate worth having. Susana Santos kicks off the conversation.
  10. At least some people are already think it could make a good gift. Christmas is, terrifyingly, just around the corner. Maybe Santa will pop a smartwatch in your stocking.