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Who's your daddy now, Luke? Disney + Star Wars = Merry mashups

Our readers have been mixing and matching highlights from the Disney and Star Wars universes, just like the rest of the Internet. Where do you stand on this newly minted connection, and how do you feel about a Star Wars 7? Here's how people are combining the pair.


  1. This R2-D2 mouse ears hat really comes in handy today.
    This R2-D2 mouse ears hat really comes in handy today.
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  3. 1. Movie titles

  4. -- When You Wish Upon a Death Star.
    -- Finding Greedo.
    -- Song of the Sith.
    -- Lando and the Tramp.
    -- Snow White and the Seven Droids.
    -- The Princess Leia Diaries.
    -- Emperor Palpatine's New Groove.
    -- The Wookiee.
    -- Beauty and the Boba Fett.
    -- Lilo & Sith.
    -- The Fox and the Han Solo.
    -- Droid Story.
    -- Jabba the Pooh.
    -- Bambi Wan Kenobi.
    -- Chitty Chitty Death Star.
    -- That's So Vader.

    Just some of the movie titles Disney is thinking!

  5. 2. Songs and quotes

  6. Get ready to hear "When You Wish Upon a Star" instead of the 20th Century Fox fanfare before the movies.

  7. Once upon a long, long time ago in a castle far, far away...

  8. Jiminy Cricket: "When you wish upon a Death Star......"

  9. Disney... You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  10. Luke, Steamboat Willie is your father!

  11. Look! Meesa Jedi now! Annie! Annie, where are you? Look at meeeeeeeeeee!


    Yousa not Annie.

    Yousa my new bestest friend! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

  12. 3. Story plots

  13. How about a crossover with Indiana Jones and Captain America? Steve Rogers and Indy would make a great team.

    What would happen if Darth Vader went up against Thor?

    Can The Avengers keep imperial storm troopers from wrecking havoc in New York City?

    Does Darth Vader like shawarma?

  14. The way star wars trilogies go, I assume the first movie of the next trilogy will be 2 hours about the birth of yoda. Yoda's mom, "Pregnant I am!" Yoda's dad, "Mine it's not!"
    It's gonna be a good one.

  15. disney is going to re-release these films and put mickey mouse in and take luke skywalker out.

  16. Selena Gomez plays the part of Haniea Solo; the daughter of Han and Leia. While attending High School, she is bullied by The Mean Girls, whose leader stars Miley Cyrus, encouraged by her nasty mother with the substance abuse problem, played by Lindsay Lohan. Haniea has no clue about her true inner powers and is love with the school's superstar jock, played by Zac Effron. Out of nowhere appears a mentor for the young Haniea, to teach her about the force, played by Dean Jones. But The Mean Girls are relentless in their bullying, egged on by an evil spirit played by Brittany Spears in a cameo appearance. The Mean Girls stuff the ballot box to get Haniea elected as Prom Queen, alongside Prom King Effron. In the apocalyptic final scene at the prom, The Mean Girls dump Ton-Ton blood onto the head of Haniea while she is on the stage in front of the entire class. Her anger immediately propels her into the dark side, where her control of the force enables her to lock all the doors and burn the all the attendees to death. She then steals a spaceship and uses it's weapons to zap everyone in her town. At the end of the apocalyptic scene you see Lohan and Spears, both with the Silver Spoon of the Dark Side dangling from their chains, running away with their hair on fire. With her blood lust sated, Haniea flies away to look for a crew for her new ship, to smuggle and do whatever jobs necessary just to keep flying.

    Written By: Joss Whedon and Stephen King
    Directed by: Joss Whedon and Steven Spielberg
    Soundtrack by: Justin Bieber and Alice Cooper.

  17. 4. Coming attractions

  18. Chewbacca on skates will be cool.

  19. Darth Pluto. End me. Please.

  20. Atleast Wall-E will have a new friend.

  21. Meesa can't wait for Tatooine Kingdom at Disney World! Eeesa small small planet afterall, Eeesa small small planet afterall...