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#CTL3: Convince Nani to vote!

Nani Teruya doesn't vote because she believes the U.S. is illegally occupying Hawaii, her home state. Still, a member of the Hawaiian royal family urged her to use her vote to push for change. Send her a message and tag it #CTL3. Help us boost voter turnout in Hawaii.


  1. Its a tight race so every vote is extremely important. I would love it if you voted for President Obama, but regardless of who you choose I still want you to vote. Give it a try Nani you will be amazed at how good you feel after doing this very patriotic thing.   "Kulia i ka nu'u" Queen Kapi'olani whose compassion for the downtrodden established the Kapi'olani Maternity Home for Hawaiian women in 1890. through donations she raised herself was able to provide free medical care for pregnant women. It stands today - Kapi'olani's Medical Center which is open to ALL women with the addition of Hawaii's only Childrens Hospital. It is also the hosptial where Obama was born. "Kulia i ka nu'u"  which means "Strive for the top of the mountain, for excellence". was Queen Kapi'olani's motto.
  2. I respect your reasons based on what I know of the history of Hawaii, however right now you are part of the US - much of your state's funding comes from the US, the military is US not vote in the election is to have no say on all the things that affect your day-to-day life.  You also might want to think abt which candidate... a man FROM Hawaii or a man from the east coast would best represent your desires and concerns over how Hawaii has been treated over the years. Mahalo my friend! Vote- listen to the Royal Family - wise people they are!!!
  3. It is so very important this year to vote. I asking everyone and commenting on every blog and site I can to PLEASE VOTE. Don't say you will and sit on the couch. Using this fact will surely hit home with some people.
  4. Jacquelyn Ekern7:09 PM Voting is a hard won right and privilege in America.  Though imperfect, we still are part of a country that affords us all freedom, opportunity and choice.  This is a privilege that you honor and support when you participate in the election of our leaders.  Join us, Nani,  in celebrating this precious liberty!
  5. As a young professional with student loan debt worth more than a mortgage, as a wife of a man entering the medical field, as a daughter and granddaughter of women relying on social security and medicare, as an aunt to nephews who will soon be attending college, as a sister to brothers with big dreams abut small businesses, as a future mother, and as a woman, I will not vote for an administration that would jeopardize the progress of America in the 21st century and the future of all those I love. Vote to make a stand for those you love. Even if you do not believe the government is legitimate, and I support your reasoning, these candidates have different visions, and both will impact your future in some way.
  6. Cyndi Calhoun6:39 PM+1 There used to be a time when women couldn't vote.  Though it's a "right" right now, if we aren't judicious with it and take it for granted, it could be that one day we might not have that right.  More than just voting in an important election, voting is a way to affirm what so many women went through almost insurmountable victories to achieve: that we will not be silenced and that our voice counts.
  7. Rotimi Oyewole6:13 PM+2 The 2000 election was decided by less than 600 votes. We got George Bush, 2 wars and went from record surplus to record deficits. I bet you 600 people who thought their vote didn't matter regret not voting that day.
  8. On Wednesday, we tried something different with this one. We asked people on Twitter to tell Nani why THEY vote. Hopefully that will be a form of persuasion. Here are a few of those responses:
  9. And some others that address her directly: