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#CTL2: Convince Michael to vote!

Hawaii has the lowest voter turnout rate in the nation. Help us change that. Michael Remen, a sous-chef in Hilo, spent an hour and a half trying to vote in the primary. It was such a mess he doesn't plan to vote again. Send him a message or video tagged #CTL2 and convince him to vote.


  1. Really Micheal...its a time thing!?  Think of the hundreds who died in the middle east over the last several years just to have the RIGHT to vote and the soldiers from the US who were also over there who gave their lives fighting for democracy.  You're living the charmed life in Hawaii, probably a life of no cares....but there is a community under and around you who may not be so privileged - sure you can handle a bit of time standing outside on a lovely Hawaiian afternoon to vote...bring a good cook book w/ you to improve your own skills!
  2. Michael, I feel your polling pain. The first time I voted in my home state (Kansas) I felt as though I might be turned away for being a (gasp!) Democrat. The truth is, sometimes voting may not be convenient or pleasant, but it matters. Don't forget you can vote by mail! Skip the polling lines altogether.
  3. Michael, you're vote counts man. Now but down the skillet and hit the polls!!
  4. Voting is one of the privileges that many have fought and died to be able to do .... it is a right of passage for every American to be able to go and vote.... voting is one of the most important things you can do for your Country other then serve in the military.  It is your civic duty as an American and even if you don't care about that .. you should care about it being your right to do so....Many around the world have not been allowed to vote... have not been able to vote... you have that right and you are able may be a mess... but it is one of the things that are worth it to stand in line for hours if need be... your voice will be heard ... but only if you vote...
  5. I grew up in Hawaii. Although I recall helping Mufi Hanneman campain in Kalihi, I did not cast my first vote until I moved to the mainland. Voting was never promoted in Elementary, Junior High or HighSchool. I think locals need confirmation that their voice does matter. AND, only when you voice your opinion can change TRULY come to Hawaii.
  6. Andree Adam Come on you have to make a choice and vote for the guy who you think will best defend the interests of our great nation and the americans here at home and abroad...
  7. voting is good for the soul regardless of the outcome.
  8. Effort at transparency: Below is a video message from me, John Sutter, the CNN guy organizing this project. I met Michael on a recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. I was struck by his passion for politics and for local civic life. He told me he loves Election Day because he goes to the polls to discuss the issues with his friends in the parking lot. How cool -- and how rare -- is that? I really hope he votes in November.
  9. Now back to the People of the Internet ... 
  10. Send him a free ticket to Arlington Cemetery and shoe him how many reasons there are to vote, since all those there died for that right, here and abroad.
  11. If you don't vote, then don't complain about who gets elected....
  12. One of the problems is that Hawaii is the last to close I believe. Their time should be co-ordinated with the mainland closing in the west. People get discouraged to vote when results are already known.
  13. Many people in Our history have given their lives, in part, for your right to vote.  That in itself, in my mind is plenty reason enough to do Your responsibilty.
  14. Vote, it is your political power and it should not go to waste but be yourself, vote your conscience not what others say, be knowledgeable if you want your vote to really count.
  15. Ah, well first there is the fact that a LOT of people have fought and died to give you the right to vote. At least half the world can't, maybe you should go try living in one of those places for a while. but there is a specific big issue in this election. If MITT gets into office; he will melt you, your family, your distant relatives, and every one else into puddles of radioactive waste within two years. How's that for a reason.
  16. As a legal immigrant waiting my 5 year period to become a citizen so I CAN vote, what do you need to be convinced??? It's your privilege to vote - for a President, Congress and Senate and all local initiatives - not voting is just sad.
  17. When Hilo votes, politicians take notice and make a greater effort to earn your vote. Hilo has been economically neglected for decades, and greater turnout insures greater attention from our elected officials.
  18. Morgan Baggs10:03 AM Agreed. I say vote Michael, its better than nothing. Just understand what your vote is actually voting for, and that the end result may only get you jury duty :)