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Dubai drama for Bieber

Teen superstar Justin Bieber was left unhurt after a fan ran on stage and grabbed him during a concert in Dubai. The Canadian singer was playing piano when the man attempted to grab him before being tackled by security. Both fans -- and global media -- were quick to react to the incident.


  1. Fans of the Canadian singer -- often known as "Beliebers," were anxiously awaiting the singer's concert, part of his global "Believe" tour.
  2. The drama started even before the concert began. The singer arrived two hours late on state, angering many parents who had escorted their young children.
  3. Eventually, the evening kicked off. Then, disaster -- as a fan apparently managed to evade security and approach the singer, attempting to fling his arms around him as he sat singing at a black piano.
  4. The fan was swiftly tackled by a burly security guard as Bieber managed to evade his clutches and, after a brief pause, continue the song. Meanwhile the hapless fan -- and the piano -- were sent crashing to the ground, amid desperate screams from fans.
  5. As news of the incident spread like wildfire across the Internet, fans and friends were quick to rush to social media to send their best wishes and check on the superstar's welfare.
  6. Bieber's musical director and guitarist also tweeted that the incident was not a joke -- but reassured fans there was nothing to worry about.
  7. Others were distinctly more withering in their responses.
  8. Tomas Ovesen, chief operating officer of Done events in charge of Bieber's concert in Dubai, told CNNArabic that the incident was not an "attack," as was initially widely reported, but merely the actions of an overenthusiastic young fan.


    "It was just a fan aged between 13 to 14 years old [who] jumped on the stage trying to hug his idol and was stopped before reaching the singer,” he said.


    He also said reports that taped music was playing despite the piano being overturned were "not true."

    "The show was 100% live, and the piano kept on playing after one of the band members jumped and kept on playing, " he said. "That’s why it looked like the piano kept on playing after it was obstructed by the fan.”

  9.  The superstar himself remained relatively unruffled, tweeting late after the concert to his fans.
  10. But it's certainly not the first time the teen sensation has found himself in hot water. In England the star faced boos after arriving late to a concert attended by young fans, while a scuffle with British paparazzi hit the headlines.

    He courted further controversy in Amsterdam when he wrote in a guest book at the Anne Frank museum that he hoped the teenager, who died in the Holocaust, "would have been a belieber."
  11. And with Bieber's tour due to arrive in South Africa, fans -- and the world -- must be wondering what could possibly happen next ...