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Tall, grande or venti? Readers skeptical of iPad Mini

Graduated pricing based on size isn't just for the service counter anymore. Apple is adding a new tablet size to its repertoire of mobile devices. "I'm not going to run out and get one," says one reader, "but my fiancee has been waiting for this." Here's a snapshot of what readers said.


  1. 1. The skeptics

    Lots of readers who responded to CNN's story say they don't get what the big deal is. Why put out a smaller iPad?
  2. I don't see the draw.  It's $129 more expensive than a comparable Kindle Fire, with a worse display, and worse sound.  The Nexus 7 also beats it on price.  The only thing it's got going for it is the Apple logo.   I kind of figured this is how things would go down when I heard that the iPad Mini was a real device.  Don't get me wrong:  It's got an Apple logo on it, so I'm sure they'll sell boatloads, but this is no Kindle Fire HD/Nexus 7 killer.
  3. Perhaps you're right.  They may have missed the mark here.  I'm not going to run out and get one.  But I will tell you that my fiancee has been waiting for this.  It fills the gap between her MacBook Air and her iPhone.  the full-size iPad was too big to justify, because the MacBook Air is almost the same size. It's not like everyone is going to go out, buy an iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, and laptop. I think there is a market of people who want a tablet, but think the iPad is too big.
  4. This is totally out of hand. Consumers are not really going to be happy until some mini-microchip can be injected into their body; bingo, smallest of the smallest allowing them to do everything they want by just thinking about it. Why do these same people who just have to have the smallest product they can find to talk/text/web search/watch movies or television also just have to have that energy consuming 52 inch flat screen television? It isn't logical. To demonstrate just how stupid the whole thing has gotten, I recently went to a movie and ended up in the same row as someone who was streaming a different movie on their phone.
  5. 2. The neutrals

    Some people said the iPad Mini doesn't sound like it will work for them, but they think it will appeal to others.
  6. I guess it's a good product for those who want a entry level tablet.  I myself do own the iphone 5 along with an ipad 2.  If I owned the first ipad or was looking for an enty level tablet and was interested in Apple products then I would probably get one.  That's how I look at the ipad mini.  It's the enty level tablet for those who have wanted one but didn't want to put a ton of money into it.  These will sell like crazy.
  7. The iPad, as stated, was intended to be a consumption device.  Even still, over the years, a lot of work has been done that allows it to be a productive device as well.  I think the target market for the iPad Mini is people who have absolutely no need to do anything but consume content (and maybe jot a couple quick emails).
  8. I won't buy it but it is a good move product wise for Apple fills a form factor and a price point to appeal to the masses.  Apple is good at appealing to the masses.  As a tech enthusiast this one makes me yawn but I see business wise why it makes sense.
  9. 3. The pocketed ones

    Sometimes you just need something that fits in your bag, or that you can stuff into a compartment.
  10. I'm buying one. I love my ipad, but a smaller one would fit easier in my bag!
  11. Yes, that's my view: but a jacket pocket in my case.
  12. 4. The miffed Apple people

    A few of the people skeptical of the device are Apple users who feel this new product is unnecessary.
  13. 7.9" is too big for a small tablet. It's just not portable enough, and even Apple's pictures make it look bulky for a small device. Plus, the price is too high. It's ridiculous that they did an onstage comparison to a Samsung device that costs at least $100 less. But, what really amazes me is how they just screwed everyone who's bought an iPad 3 in the last 6 months with the new iPad retina (which really didn't need an update), after pointing out that the iPad 3 is the best selling iPad ever. They know exactly how many millions of customers they just ticked off.
  14. I used to be a big Apple fan since I got my first Mac in 2006, but now I feel like its same stuff over and over again.  I did buy the MacBook Pro Retina, but it had display problems such that I had to exchange it for a new one. Maybe its just me, but I can't imagine Apple riding this wave for too much longer with Cook in charge.  Tim Cook is a COO, not a CEO and never should have been put into this position!
  15. They must be relying on the undying love of their apple fanbase.   This is not priced to compete with the other 7" tablets out there.  I can't believe anyone would fork out that kind of money instead of just stepping up to a larger tablet or down to a Nexus or Kindle.
  16. 5. The tech buffs

    Some readers who say they keep a close eye on new products talked about the future of technological innovation.
  17. First, there was the iPhone. Then, there was a much larger iPhone without the phone part, called the iPad. Then, there was a 0.5" larger iPhone, called iPhone 5. Finally, there was a smaller iPad. Innovation.  Apple.
  18. Today I used a device half the size of my wallet to watch a high definition video of a movie. Then, I instantly e-mailed dozens of corporate and community contacts with that same device. After that, I checked out some video games with graphics that were unheard of 10 years ago, on a $1,000 TV. I think for lunch I'll switch it to automatically grab all wi-fi between here and my gym, and stream a few old episodes of Gunsmoke. Then, I'll say "Call wife" and she will be called, instantly, for free.  We live in a sad, sad world where such an experience costs 50 cents a day, and all the trolls can do is whine about what percentage of innovation this is.  Who cares if some other product can do the same thing half as well, or 2/3 as well? Show my iPod touch to someone from the late 80's or even 90's, and their brain will explode.
  19. Sounds great, but it offers little more than the new line of Kindle Fire devices.  Where's the innovation? Where's the next big thing?  Where's the answer to Microsoft leap frogging Apple in the creation of a unified OS?
  20. Now, tell us what you think!

    Comment here and tell us your thoughts about the iPad Mini. Do you need such a device? What do you think about the idea of cell phones getting bigger and tablets coming in smaller sizes? Let us know what size you prefer, and what thoughts you have about the things you'd like to see in the devices of the future. If you'd like to give further opinions, be sure to visit CNN iReport and share your views on video.