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So many questions about Lance Armstrong

The cyclist's troubles bring up a lot of different issues. What do you think about the doping accusations against Lance Armstrong? How should doping in athletics be dealt with? We took a look at what CNN readers were saying.


  1. What about the other cyclists?

  2. A handful of people who spoke out with their concerns about doping said they previously felt vilified. An article about how many of them now feel vindicated left others wondering what will happen next in cycling.
  3. I'm pretty sure if you went to the extreme to prove the other cyclists were doping the person in 21st place would probably be the first clean cyclist and therefore the true This sport has turned into a serious jokefest.  I use to look forward to watching it every year but that has come to an end.
  4. I'm all for the top ranked clean cyclist being declared the official champion, even if he's the last place cyclist.  In fact that would stop cycling from being the joke that it is now.
  5. I don't think you'd find many cyclists willing to take that title.They al;l know Armstrong won those events fair and square. With or without doping, he was a cut above the rest.
  6. Who is Armstrong, the person?

  7. As we read through responses from commenters, both on CNN stories and on CNN's Facebook page, we saw much talk about the effects of fame.
  8. I think he at first wasn't in for cheating, but there was probably money,, a name to be had. The fact that others who will have things against them and a lot to lose came forward now. I would have to say, something inside him decided that the fame and fortune and the chance of getting away with it was worth the chance. At first I was upset that they were stripping, but upon reading more about the evidence and knowledge I have come to think that he probably did. He should be banned for life and stripped of his wins.
  9. Some readers shared their support:
  10. @ Lance, you are a legend doing what no other will acomplish in our lifetime. You join the elite the likes of Bruce Lee, Ali, Tyson, M Jordan, A Schwarzenneger to but name a few, and that against all odds to. I salute you Lance you are and will always be the best.
  11. One reader said the success of the Livestrong project does not mean Armstrong is excused from criticism.
  12. there's no place for cheating. everyone with his exposure AND with cancer at the time would have done the same and opened a foundation. what just because I had cancer and opened a foundation, you don't think I'd get done for cheating on my exams in university. same thing, don't let charm and fame blind you. especially when someone still can't get around the cheating and still calls himself #1. clearly delusional.
  13. Some readers took on Armstrong's teammates.
  14. What happened to his teammates that ratted him out? No consequences for them? So basically this was a witch hunt. Lance A. Your a true hero for beating cancer and for your great foundation. Also why would any donors ask for there donations back if it's going towards helping children, that says a lot of the DONORS. Lance for every child you helped you won a golden heart with wings, better than any trophy or award. To know that you help other people's kids. Your a great man, and because of that you will find hate and jealousy because of their shortcomings
  15. All those peoples who finished 2nd for those 7 races will probably be bumped to 1st, right? Now! Will THEY be toroughly examined, etc and go through exactly everything Armstrong went through for the next decade? < never ending cycle to me >
  16. OK to wear the yellow bracelet?

  17. For some, the doping allegations are personal and even create a bit of a dilemma, as noted in a recent story asking in Shakespearean fashion, "To wear or not to wear?" CNN iReporter Paul Smeulders created the image below after reading the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency doping report on Armstrong.
  18. This story in turn received a lot of response from readers. Many said they still support Livestrong.
  19. Livestrong bracelet.....KEEP.  I'll continue to wear it because no matter how you look at it, the man beat cancer and won that race 7 times.  He's still a "boss" in my book.  When I wear my Livestrong bracelet I am inspired to try harder and quit whining.  Even just to beat cancer and participate in the Tour De France 7 times that is still an unbelievable accomplishment. Lance Armstrong is still awesome and he's helped a lot of people through Livestrong.
  20. Armstrong has done a lot of bad things he can't take back. But Livestrong is an amazing organization doing a lot good for people. Lance stepped down, the organization is better for it and should move forward.
  21. The bracelet can serve as a reminder of what not to do.
  22. I'm not sure if Lance is guilty or not...that is something for law to take it's own course. I'll still keep wearing the Livestrong bracelet because it is a sign of the strength for all cancer survivors & people who are fighting against the disease. The intent of the man was right and that is what counts irrespective of the outcome if he has brought disgrace to the sport.
  23. Why not wear. The course is a good one. Think of the poeple the foundation will help.