Missed #ASCA17? Catch up on what happened in Denver!

  1. A4: Hoping to attend next year in LA! 1 downside of virtual attendee is the sessions you see is based on room camera is in #notatASCA17  https://twitter.com/ecmmason/status/884934326927994880 
  2. A3: I read some of the tweets last year & virtual attendee this year. Was great to chat with others during/after the sessions #notatASCA17  https://twitter.com/c_morton/status/884931714136539136 
  3. One of my favorite pictures from #ASCA12 with counselors from all over the country enjoying great food and friendship!! #notatasca17 https://t.co/aiyA1MGojI
    One of my favorite pictures from #ASCA12 with counselors from all over the country enjoying great food and friendship!! #notatasca17 pic.twitter.com/aiyA1MGojI
  4. @ecmmason A6: learn the ropes at my new school & soak in all of the blessings of finally being on a team (the best team). #notatasca17 #scchat #asca17
  5. Super late...excited to read through the tweets! 8yr elementary counselor moving to HS this year! #notatasca17 #scchat
  6. A6: I will be doing more mindfulness and yoga practices in my lessons. Done them before, but want was I collect data. #notatasca17
  7. This chat is just what I needed as a plan to go back to school in a couple weeks. Feeling energized! #notatasca17
  8. Glad to see some new faces and veteran tweeters tonight! Make sure to follow each other to keep the magic happening! #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  9. Goal: Play therapy presentations in FL and GA this fall and stress mang pres for parents and community #notatASCA17 #scchat
  10. A6. Oh! This year I did a monthly newsletter for teachers. Next year I want to expand to parents. #notatASCA17
  11. Thank you to @c_morton for letting me co-mod tonight! And thank you all for joining in! Enjoy what's left of summer! #notatasca17 #scchat
  12. @ecmmason @CounselorBDavis @ecmmason I think that could be part of it but some were the basics rather than more advanced. #NotatASCA17 #scchar
  13. A6. This is a great question I will have to think about in the next few weeks. #notatASCA17
  14. A6 In my 2nd year of a new position-looking forward to building a complete comprehensive program now that I've got my feet wet #notatasca17
  15. A6: Also, this year I want to translate the STEM career research I've been doing w/ undergrads to K12 arena #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  16. A6: Intensify my research and writing initiatives around ev-based use of tech in school counseling! #notatasca17 #asca17 #scchat
  17. As we end tonight, make sure you follow the great SCs on the chat tonight! #notatasca17 #ASCA17 #scchat #sccrowd
  18. A6: get back 2blogging, more research & reading, hopefully presenting w an #Asca17 presenter at our state conference! #scchat #NotatASCA17
  19. A5: how to market your SC program and yourself. SC need to learn how to toot their own horn!! #scchat #asca17 #notatasca17
  20. A6:starting a new position supporting all our MS and HS counselors! So excited and feel such responsibility. #notatasca17 #scchat
  21. A6) Learn from previous position that I need to get OUT and be VISIBILE more, and right away. It took me awhile before. Not now #notatasca17
  22. Would love to be involved in internatl SC conference. Presented at international school in PNewGuinea. Awesome exp #NotatASCA17 #scchat
  23. A6: Teaching a School Counseling Foundations class this fall @ UNO. My goal is to create authentic experiences for Ss. #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  24. @ecmmason A6 to be more intentional and gather more data in my program delivery! #scchat #NotAtAsca17 & to not go crazy in my first year of PhD 😂 hah
  25. A6) Starting at a new school this year, so just getting to know the ropes and make connections with staff & students. #notatasca17
  26. A5: 1)Supporting ELL students. 2) Interview/resume tips and strategies for grad students.#notatasca17 #Asca17 #scchat
  27. Q6 #notatasca17 More organization with help from entire school to get information out to students.
  28. @cfsml @LimestoneSC I think the issue is the proposals they receive tend to be ES focused. I need my HS folks to get on board. #notatasca17
  29. A5: Glad the Swiss VET Model was discussed this yr; hopefully, we can hear more abt CO's apprenticeship initiatives #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  30. @FSabens Yes! This was a fantastic session! Something that I have dealt with a recently! #scchat #NotatASCA17 #sccrowd
  31. Q6: As a SC, what is on your bucket list to accomplish this year? #notatasca17 #asca17 #scchat
  32. @CounselorBDavis @LimestoneSC #notatasca17 You should get involved in your SCA and planning of the conference!
  33. A5: I went to this session this yr and I would love to go to it again next yr. They found more research to share #scchat #notatasca17 https://t.co/ycLOB831vV
    A5: I went to this session this yr and I would love to go to it again next yr. They found more research to share #scchat #notatasca17 pic.twitter.com/ycLOB831vV
  34. @LimestoneSC I find that my state conference is usually lopsided toward ES, which doesn't help me at the HS. =/ #notatasca17
  35. A5: I would like to see sessions based on experience level. Some unfortunately, were not as helpful as I had hoped #scchat #NotatASCA17
  36. @c_morton @ecmmason @scsml #notatasca17 I will need tips from @ecmmason and watch the webinar!! The class I took was life changing! #Iamsocalmnow
  37. Been coaching educators. Would like to propose a session on self-care/personal development #scchat #notatasca17
  38. #notatasca17 A5 I loved the presentation about calling it post secondary readiness instead of college/career readiness. We need more info!
  39. @mscounslr side-note: I met @ecmmason at the 1st annual EBSC conference when I was in grad school! :) It was a great conf. #notatasca17
  40. @ecmmason tell me more about this Ev-based conference. I'm interested #notatasca17
  41. @ecmmason #notatasca17 Awesome!! Maybe we should do a #scchat on mindfulness in the meantime!!
  42. best way to get ready to present and submit a great proposal is to present to your faculty, st SC conf and community #notatASCA17 #scchat
  43. Just boarded my flight home so I'm signing off 👋🏼 it was lovely chatting w/ you all #scchat #NotatASCA17
  44. A5) Always looking to do more to increase attendance, address anxiety, and get parents involved. #notatasca17
  45. #notatasca17 A5 We need more advocacy sessions. @MsMowery shared there were still presenters using the g word in presentations!!
  46. Yes!!! Getting better but not there yet. HIGHLY recommend Ev-based conf in March/Apr too. In NY this year! #notatasca17 #scchat  https://twitter.com/mbmccormac/status/884936988901691392 
  47. A5 #notatasca17 I have been doing some mindfulness training so I would like to see that covered. Usually are some sessions!
  48. A5 I would love resources on working w/ gifted students, high achievers, & perfectionists #scchat #NotatASCA17
  49. A5 #asca17 #notatasca17 #scchat I'd like to see more on evidence-based SC we need t be doing what has been proven to be effective
  50. @cfsml Thank you! I'm glad to give whatever information and humor I have to offer! 😁 #scchat #notatasca17
  51. A4: the networking, excitement, innovations. You're missing it all if you are not there! #NotatASCA17 #sccrowd #scchat
  52. @ecmmason That was me last yr when I met you and you signed my book 😂 and when I got to meet @CBelser_PSC hah & all the others! #scchat #notatasca17
  53. @mertensminute @c_morton #notatasca17 Cynthia is THE best!! I love all of her blogs and resources throughout the year!!
  54. A4- Definitely miss the energy and ideas and missed presenting but will present in Florida and Georgia in September #NotatASCA17 #scchat
  55. Was in the car answering questions! Home 4 some champagne to celebrate 9 years of marriage! TY for the convo tonight #scchat #notatasca17
  56. A4: Lots of "fangirl" moments when I meet some1 I've only known online or from an article. It's a big family reunion! #notatasca17 #scchat  https://twitter.com/ecmmason/status/884934326927994880 
  57. @ConnieMWard I have met so many great folks online and I love to see them in person! #notatasca17
  58. @CBelser_PSC #notatasca17 That is the truth! It is almost like a family reunion with some of the folks you see every year!
  59. A4: Networkinf for sure. Meeting awesome people in person. #notatasca17
  60. The energy! Seeing other SC's from around the country and sharing ideas! #notatasca17 #scchat
  61. A4 the energy, excitement, & chance to connect with ppl you would've never imagined meeting #scchat #NotatASCA17
  62. @WalterB_SC #notatasca17 Yes, @WalterB_SC It has also been great following your tweets. I like your humor!
  63. A4: Tweeting can get you lots of info, but there's nothing like the energy of being there IRL with so many amazing SCs! #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  64. @ecmmason @ASCAtweets A4 meeting and networking with SCs from ALL over! I went to NOLA last year for my first conference and it was AMAZING! #notatasca17 #scchat
  65. The other sessions that were not available online. I thought for next year it would be great if we can get at least a recording #notatasca17
  66. A4 #asca17 #notatasca17 #scchat I'm use to an online PLN I missed attending RAMP dinner to see the applications I reviewed celebrate!
  67. A4 #notatasca17 The great FOOD!! Going out to eat with new and old friends!! FInding hot spots in the city!
  68. Q4: If you have attended the @ASCAtweets conference IRL, what are you missing by not being there in person? #notatasca17 #asca17 #scchat
  69. @ecmmason I remember doing a Twitter chat a few years ago for those at home. The sharing has grown so much since then!#notatASCA17
  70. @MrsAveryBMS ASCA has a webinar that provides you with some guidance and explains how they score proposals. #ASCA17 #notatASCA17 #scchat
  71. To those who have submitted presentation proposals before, any advice or tips for those of us thinking of it? #scchat #notatasca17 #ASCA17
  72. A3 I found myself following along when the reg desk was slow & loved it #scchat #NotatASCA17
  73. This is the first time following ASCA virtually with Twitter. #notatasca17 #scchat
  74. A3 #notatasca17 It is amazing how much you can learn from the tweets. Folks like @FSabens are GREAT tweeters that share a lot of info!
  75. In the middle of a move. love that I can still connect and be mobile. So grateful! #notatasca17 #scchat
  76. It was great following every 1s tweets. I wasn't an "official" virtual attendee but enjoyed seeing everything on here. #notatASCA17 #scchat
  77. A3 I think following virtually gets better each year. The willingness to share is what makes our community so awesome. #notatasca17
  78. @Ms_AReyes @ecmmason @MrsAveryBMS @WeAreGSCA Thank you so much! The feedback from other Cs is always great. Anything I could have changed. Always want to improve! #notatASCA17
  79. @elissacouch #notatasca17 It would be great to see my favorite counselor from Nevada!!
  80. A3: I have been following for 3 years and I feel so connected and excited! #notatasca17 #scchat #sccrowd
  81. HS counselor in ohio. Q3: This was my first time doing virtual chat/ asca conference. Loved the collaboration/teamwork #notatasca17
  82. A3. I've followed virtually before. It's been invigorating! Got my wheels turning + great resources to help plan for next year #notatasca17
  83. A3: I was #notatASCA15, and it's great to see that this platform has gained so much traction since then! #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  84. Q3: I've followed a lot virtually in the past and you definitely feel the excitement. #scchat #notatasca17
  85. A3) Following virtually has been really cool. Love that technology helps us even if we are #notatasca17
  86. A3 #acaca17 #notatasca17 #scchat I usually go every other year and find I learn a lot following online too I just miss the keynotes and SCs
  87. A3 #notatasca17 It is motivating to still be involved and exciting that there are SO many school counselors gathered in one place to learn!
  88. Q3: Is this your first time following the @ASCAtweets conference virtually? What has the experience been like? #NotatASCA17 #scchat #sccrowd
  89. @ecmmason TOTALLY! I'm always thinking, "What would the 2017 SCOY need to learn from me?!?" The collaboration was great.#notatASCA17
  90. #notatasca17 @aliciakoglesby I am definitely planning on LA next summer!! Can't wait to see some California counselor friends!
  91. Everyone looks like they're having so much FUN! I can feel the energy! #notatasca17
  92. Love how the conf blurs the lines of experience. Novice and seasons SCs sharing and learning from each other! #scchat #asca17 #notatasca17  https://twitter.com/Ms_AReyes/status/884930153322651648 
  93. @c_morton @ASCAtweets A1: I've never attended as a SC but attended in Chicago as a vendor with FSA. #notatASCA17
  94. A2:other take always is growth mindset v fixed mindset. Interested in the application w my own family & work #scchat #NotAtASCA17 #sccrowd
  95. A2 #notatasca17 You can feel the energy from the tweets! Especially the opening ceremony!
  96. A2: Connecting with FB & Twitter friends. The Counselor Ed strand!! at #asca17 #notatASCA17
  97. Part 2: Meeting people you have been a fan of, was also great. Looked up and saw @ttchorzynski in my presentation. Almost died. #notatasca17
  98. A2: In addition 2 keynotes, pop presentations, links, the Rocky pics were a cute addition. Someone won him! #asca17 #notatasca17 #scchat  https://twitter.com/ecmmason/status/884929118021836800 
  99. A2 getting advice & materials from all the amazing counselors w/ experience #scchat #notatasca17
  100. A2) It's wonderful to see how energized & passionate counselors are from all over. Affirmation that this is the BEST job #notatasca17
  101. Q2: someone shares the site  http://understood.org  and I found a great article explaining IEP vs 504 #scchat #notatASCA17 #ASCA17
  102. #notatasca17 I have attended 8 ASCA conferences but not in the last 2 years. They have been very energizing and great learning experiences!
  103. Hopping on a little late. Connie, elementary, MD. 👋🏾 #notatasca17
  104. A2: Part 1: The Keynotes. @calvinmackie gave me LIFE. Collab w/ other Cs, especially ones I follow on twitter. #scchat #notatasca17
  105. A2: many of my highlights fit into this thought "affirmation" knowing We are doing it right #NotatASCA17 #scchat #sccrowd
  106. I love the use of technology and creative sharing of information! #notatasca17
  107. Q2: I literally feel the excitement and energy from colleagues, it's just invigorating even from afar #scchat #notatASCA17 #ASCA17
  108. A2: The pics, vids, & quotes are always fun! I'd also say that @CounselingGeek's compilation of handouts is amazing! #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  109. Definitely both of the keynotes!!! They were incredible! #notatasca17 #scchat
  110. A2) I LOVE that counselors are always looking out for each other and their students. Always sharing the wealth (of knowledge) #notatasca17
  111. A2 #asca17 #notatasca17 #scchat I love the energy from those who could go and the eagerness to learn!
  112. Missed Denver this year but attended Denver, Phoenix and Orlando in the past #notatasca17
  113. Q2: If you’ve been on Twitter since #ASCA17 started, what have been some of your favorite highlights? #notatASCA17 #scchat
  114. I've atended 5 and loved them #notatasca17 and missed it. looking foreard to #ASCA18
  115. A1, I've attended two-Philly, where I presented-so exciting & Orlando. Wanted to make it to Nola but it didn't work out #scchat #notatasca17
  116. This was my 1st time attending and presenting at #ASCA17. I can't imagine not coming back. It was so invigorating!! #notatasca17 #scchat
  117. Hi, everyone! I'm Brittanie, a HS counselor from IN and I'm sad that I was #notatasca17
  118. I have lost count but think I've been to at least 10 over the years. They just keep getting better and better! #scchat #asca17 #notatasca17  https://twitter.com/c_morton/status/884927166919712768 
  119. #scchat #notatasca17 Nicohl Webb. Joining today from Colorado. Staying for the week after #ASCA17. Elementary counselor from GA.
  120. Chris here! Former MS counselor, currently adjunct instructor @ UCF in Orlando, soon-to-be Asst Prof @ U of New Orleans #NotAtASCA17 #scchat
  121. #scchat #notatasca17 Mary Beth joining in from Bethany Beach elementary counselor in VA proud of all our RAMP recipients at #asca17