Speaking out in class (and other places)

Links and ideas for developing spoken language and pronunciation for situations where it matters, such as giving presentations or seminars in class, acting, speaking confidently in small groups and so on.


  1. I set up this page for anyone who wants to work on developing spoken language and pronunciation for situations like giving presentations or seminars in class, acting, speaking confidently in small groups and so on. I've gathered the most useful resources I can find and put them here, with some ideas for how to use them. Scroll down to find an idea that interests you.

    Have a look and let me know what you find useful. I'd love some feedback on email or you can simply go to  http://wallwisher.com/wall/speaking2012  and post your comments and questions there.Happy browsing and practising!
  2. How do I look?

    Here's a photo of someone standing in front of a group and confidently speaking out. We can see that she's looking at some of her audience, smiling at them, engaging with them. Her head is high, enabling her voice to project well.Try picturing yourself speaking out like this.
  3. This is my speaking face
    This is my speaking face
  4. How do I sound?

    Below is a simple recording tool where you can record yourself speaking and share it. Send me the link if you'd like some feedback.
  5. or here is an alternative site to record your voice:
  6. How do I make an impact?

    Some people have asked me about ways they can develop vocal variety. There are some good ideas here, even though it's not the most exciting web page.
  7. How can I prepare for my presentation?

    Let me know what you think about the videos ..... and send me a link if you've found any better examples.
  8. Get Prepared to Present Well
  9. How can I deal with nerves?

  10. Fear Of Public Speaking: Cure The Phobia Now
  11. How can I use Powerpoint?

  12. How to give an awesome (PowerPoint) presentation ("Simply Stated" animated whiteboard video).
  13. How do others present?Watch and listen to Lisa Bu explaining how she learns about the world. Have a look at how she simply and clearly tells the story - without visuals, without moving around on the stage. Notice how she uses her voice to engage the audience.
  14. Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind
  15. What else should I think about when I'm preparing to present?

    Two links with ideas on presentations - one is for academic situations, the other for general speech-making. Note: You'll need to click on Oral Presentations in the sidebar.
  16. What's one way to develop fluency, rhythm and intonation?

    Shadowing can be a really useful strategy for this. Here's an explanation...
  17. English Speaking Practice: How to improve your English Speaking and Fluency: SHADOWING
  18. How can I find material to listen to?

    You can listen to audio tracks and use them for shadowing practice. Radio New Zealand has a great collection of radio programmes you can listen to over the internet. Choose topics that interest you from the menu on the left on their homepage.