1. Kids Scared By Easter Bunny (Real Funny)
  2. easter bunny attacks kid
  3. OK, there are plenty more videos of terrified kids below, but first, enjoy this delightful palate cleanser of a Vine video of a funky chicken (be sure to click the volume icon to get the full effect) 
  4. And, now, back to the tormented toddlers. .... Sometimes just talking about the Easter Bunny can be scary
  5. Scared of the Easter Bunny
  6. Now this girl has a plan! The Easter Bunny better not show his whiskered face around her house.
  7. Girl Scared Of Easter Bunny
  8. Now for the saga of poor Julianna. According to her dad, who posted the videos to YouTube, Julianna received a toy Easter Bunny from her grandma when she was 6 months old. It was not well received.
  9. Singing Toy Easter Bunny Scares Baby
  10. Two years later dad pulled out the bunny toy again. Julianna was still not amused.
  11. Singing Toy Easter Bunny Scares Toddler
  12. Then, at 5 years old, Julianna once again came face-to-face with her tormentor. According to the YouTube posting, the toy bunny was broken during the filming of this video. So, hopefully, Julia will be safe in Easters future. If nothing else, she will have plenty to tell her therapist about when she's older.
  13. Singing Toy Easter Bunny Scares 5 Year Old
  14. Dancing Easter Bunnies aren't scary ... right???
  15. 23 Children Who Are Terrified of the Easter Bunny
  16. easter bunny scares kid
  17. scary easter bunny n april fools prank
  18. If you made it all the way to the end, here is your reward. You're welcome.