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Reaction to Atlanta sportscaster Zach Klein's tribute to Robin Williams

Zach Klein, sports anchor for WSB-TV - Atlanta, generated a viral gem during Monday night's broadcast where he paid tribute to Robin Williams by weaving 23 references to the legendary actor via 21 movie titles, a TV show and a quote from “Dead Poet’s Society” over two and a half minutes.


  1. Klein said he was hooked by Williams, starting with “Mork & Mindy,” and wanted to pay homage in a way that wasn’t heavy-handed, though -- being human -- he admitted a couple of his movie references sounded more forced than others. Using as a cheat sheet, he wrote out his script before the Atlanta station's 11 p.m. news.

  2. Klein said he wanted to include Williams’ Oscar-winning “Good Will Hunting” into the final cut but couldn’t find a natural place for it. He also couldn’t find a place for “Dead Poet’s Society.” Instead, he inserted a classic quote from the film.

  3. How Many Robin Williams Movie References Did This Sports Anchor Fit into One Segment?
  4. Klein would never be defined as one of the crazy ones. But he said when he worked in Orlando, he did entire sportscasts on Christmas Eve in rhyme, using “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

  5. Here’s the Robin Williams tribute script. See how many Williams references you can catch:

    Now for those of you who suffer from Insomnia, Saturday’s Braves game was perfect for you as it ended 2:29 in the morning. Tonight, against the Dodgers, a little more friendly for the timekeeper as this one ended a little after 10. Now while it might seem like Nine Months since the Braves last won a series, they are coming in with a little momentum, having won two of three against the Nationals. Justin Upton has been the Man of the Year offensively for the Braves. And here in the fourth, he singles up the middle. Emilio Bonifacio, who had some Happy Feet, hustles in from second and scores, 1-0 Braves, Jumanji!

    Noel, Julio Teheran has flexed his muscles at home like Popeye, going 4 and 1 at Turner Field. He struggled tonight and eventually got the Hook. Adrian Gonzalez, who has become Everyone's Hero in L.A. with an RBI single right here. 6-2, your final. The Braves will go home and try to cheer up while watching “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

    One way to earn the title World’s Greatest Dad is to team up with Freddie Freeman and participate in his fantasy football league. It could be an early Father’s Day present and this gift is a lot better than Toys. Freeman and a few of his Braves teammates hope you Seize the Day on Friday and join them at the 755 Club for a live fantasy draft. So whether your name is Patch AdamsHamletJackMork or Mindy, everyone is welcome to join the team, snap some selfies and take them to One Hour Photo. Freddie wants you to have the Best of Times and raise some money for charity.

    Only one more practice for the Falcons at Flowery Branch. As tomorrow they hit the road, no they’re not going to Moscow on the Hudson but to Houston to get in some work with the Texans. Rookie running back Devonta Freeman will definitely make The Final Cut but there is always something to prove.

    "Seize the days boys and make your life extraordinary."