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Heartwarming: 5-year-old with terminal cancer celebrates dream birthday, prom, wedding

When two Oregon parents learned their 5-year-old daughter, Lila May Schow, likely wouldn't live past Thanksgiving, they wanted to make sure she could celebrate some of life's major milestones. So Ryan Schow and Lila's mother decided to throw a Cinderella-themed birthday ball for their little girl.


  1. The hard work paid off. Hundreds of guests came to Hood River on July 31 to watch Lila wear her special gown and meet her favorite Disney princesses.
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  5. But the highlight of the evening was when Schow "proposed" to Lila. The two also shared a heartwarming dance.
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  8. "She said she really liked all the princesses, and she said, 'When my daddy cried because he was so happy,'" Schow told ABC News. "We did a father/daughter dance and I couldn’t contain myself."

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