1. One of the most noticeable and comical glitches involves rookie Chris Kirksey as the incredible shrinking linebacker. (via AP)
  2. A glitch has reduced Kirksey from a 6-foot-2, 235-pounder to a 14-inch player, running around on the field among giants. (via AP)
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  4. Kirksey has always played the video game with his brothers and friends and he's taken the mistake — and attention he's gotten from it — in stride.
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  6. Kirksey told The Associated Press he wasn't aware of the gaffe until he started receiving text messages from friends earlier this week. He checked out the game and noticed he was not only playing for the wrong team, the Tennessee Titans, but he'd been miniaturized. Kirksey actually plays for the Cleveland Browns.
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  8. Kirksey has taken some playful joking from his teammates. As two reporters approached him for an interview following practice Wednesday, linebacker Craig Robertson shouted, "Leave him alone, he's 1 foot, 2 inches!" The Browns drafted Kirksey in the third round of this year's NFL draft from Iowa. He had a strong preseason and was recently voted the team's top rookie at training camp by media members. (Via AP) 
  9. But wait, there's more

  10. Madden 15 also features a lot incredible hits resulting in reality-bending game play
  11. Madden 15 QB Sneak Glitch
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  16. #Madden25, which was published in August of 2013, also had its share of glitches