1. Police said Wednesday afternoon that one person was killed in the explosion and one person remained missing. Wednesday evening, the Minneapolis fire chief said a second body was been found in the rubble.
  2. "All of our summer program students and staff are accounted for and safe," school officials said in a Facebook update.
  3. Hennepin County Medical Center's Dr. James Miner said several people were taken from the school to the hospital for treatment. Three of the seven were listed in critical condition Wednesday and four were listed in serious condition, he said.
  4. Firefighters found Minnehaha Academy partially collapsed and on fire when they were called around 10:45 a.m. CDT to a report of a possible building collapse.
  5. Tyner said authorities were able to confirm that the school collapse was the result of a gas explosion, caused by contractors who were working on the building.
  6. School basketball and soccer players were on campus when the explosion happened, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported, along with girls attending a summer cross-country practice.
  7. "All the windows just kind of burst out, and there was a huge explosion that was so loud it kind of shook your insides," sophomore cross-country runner Kylee Kassebaum told the newspaper. "As soon as we saw it, we got in the car, and someone drove away because we didn't know how safe the situation was."
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