1. "Everlasting Love" was a hit for Knight and later remade by numerous acts, including the Love Affair, U2 and Gloria Estefan.
  2. Robert Knight - Everlasting Love [stereo]
  3. Everlasting Love LOVE AFFAIR
  4. Born Robert Peebles on April 24, 1945, in Franklin, Tennessee, Knight told REBEAT in 2016 that he changed his name "because disc jockeys were always pronouncing my name wrong."
  5. Robert Knight "Everlasting Love"
  6. Knight started his musical career as a member of the Paramounts. The group saw commercial success with 1961's "Free Me," but broke up after a series of flops, according to AllMusic.com. He then formed the Fairlines.
  7. He told the Tennessean that the vocal trio wasn't meant to record but was instead formed "because I met these guys and we started singing -- everybody was singing on street corners then."
  8. It was while he was performing with the Fairlines that Knight was rediscovered, according to the Tennessean. While performing at a fraternity party at Vanderbilt University, Mac Gayden heard him. Gayden later introduced him to Buzz Cason, who signed him to Rising Sons Music.
  9. “Buzz Cason had worked for Noel Ball, and Buzz was working with Mac Gayden. Cason was starting his new Rising Sons label and working on some material with Mac,” Knight told REBEAT.
  10. "Everlasting Love" was written by Cason and Gayden.
  11. After leaving music, Knight went on to work as a lab technician Vanderbilt University in Nashville, according to Page Six.