Club Penguin Puffles - The Guide

All About the Cute Little Club Penguin Puffles


  1. Club Penguin is a popular game which is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. The game is not just popular among kids under the age of 13 but also has fans in a fairly adult category of users. The reason for its popularity can be the relaxed game play, its social touches(penguins interact with each other), many interesting missions, and fun,energetic games. The game also has a very nice little element to it – puffles. Puffles are creatures which can be adopted as pets by penguins.

  2. Who does not like cute, furry, and small pets? Who cannot like puffles? Puffles are the pets in the world of Club Penguin and many penguins take care of numerous puffles. Puffles have a very cute and furry appearance and do not have any limbs. The main food item served to Club Penguin puffles is Puffle-O's but they can also thrive on many other foods.

  3. Puffles behave like any typical real life pets. They do not have any comprehensible language (all they do is squeak) and can communicate with each other. However, penguins cannot talk to puffles like they can talk to each other. Despite this, puffles are not just cute looking pets. They have some special abilities which mainly involve telekinesis. Every puffle species can summon toys mid air, hair brushes, bath tubs etc. Many puffles also havethe ability to summon color specific objects.
    A Club Penguin member can adopt a maximum of 75 puffles andare the only type of pets which penguins can own. One can care for their pufflein many ways. The penguin can feed his puffles with various food items, givethem a toy to play with, dress them, take them on a walk, and lots more. It isimportant to care for your puffles because in case you don't, they tend to runaway (and we don't want that, do we?).

  4. Puffles help their penguin partners in many games like red puffles are useful in Catching Waves while green ones are helpful in Jet PackAdventure. All puffles can participate in Pufflescape and Puffle Launch.

  5. Puffles can be expensive as most of them cost 400 coins. The gold and rainbow puffles are legendary puffles and are considered majestic.Rainbow puffle is a majestic creature which even farts sparkles. A rainbow puffle can be adopted if a member completes all four tasks at the Puffle Hotel.

  6. Since it is not an inexpensive task to buy puffles, many players feel they cannot adopt all of them because of lack of funds. You can change this situation by getting more coins through Club Penguin cheats for coins. These cheats will generate coins for free so you can purchase as many puffles as you would like.

  7. If you want more Club Penguin puffles then use Club Penguin cheats to get them!