NERC-FFIR with SeriousGeoGames at NERC Into the Blue

Late October 2016, I headed out with the latest SeriousGeoGame Flash Flood! to Manchester Runway Visitor Park for the NERC Into the Blue Science Showcase - Science under the wings of Concorde! Keep reading to hear the adventure of Hippo in our #Hipponapped story.


  1. A few week's ago I scoped out the awesome venue and met some of the other exhibitors - I knew this was going to be a great event.
  2. Myself and my side-kick, Chloe Morris, had a practice run at Hull's Freedom Festival. Flash Flood! works great and is very popular. Although, I was not appreciated by everyone...
  3. As the event got closer, we got more excited! There were rumours Boaty McBoatface was going to be there. We began to share information about our stand.
  4. The day before the festival, members of our team from across the NERC Flooding from Intense Rainfall (FFIR) project made their way to Manchester.
  5. And we were joined by the excellent Hull University team behind River in a Box, our neighbours for the week.
  6. We were quickly set up and in our space, as modelled by Reading Meteorologist Rob "It rained too much" Thompson.
  7. We even got to ride in the legendary FloAT-Mobile.
  8. And we were soon underway, sticking enthusiastic members of the public into the Oculus VR headset and explaining some FFIR science to them. We even had some headsets for them to take home.
  9. Matt and I got to know our neighbours across the hall.