The beginning...

How this agency came about.

  1. Not too long ago, Scott Brinkmann and Lena Meyers met for the first time. They met on Lena's Radio Show, "Inside Talking."
  2. Scott and Lena both did a final radio show reflection and both had a positive experience.
  3. The two stayed in touch after the radio show and developed a friendship. Scott visited Lena's husband's Night Club and got to hangout with the two for the night.
  4. It was quite the change of pace from his typical day-to-day life in the hotel business, but Scott and his co-owner, Liam, both had a great time.
  5. Another time while Lena was traveling around the U.S. for her show, she made a stop in Scott's hometown. She got to spend the day with him and his family. Lena has some great memories from that day!
  6. Since the two had already established a friendship, it was an easy decision when coming to making an agency. Although they live very different lives, they get along very well and are both hard-workers.
  7. And the rest is history folks. Headline Crime is still being established but it is well on its way to being a top-notch agency. Look out for Scott and Lena, they have a lot of great work ahead of them!
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