Attorney Clifford Hardwick

Mr. Clifford E. Hardwick, IV is a lawyer in McDonough, Georgia focusing on various areas of law. Contact this lawyer in McDonough, GA for your specific legal needs.


  1. In the Crime, justice system, a person has toapply to the defense immediately failing to do so may lead to very seriousconsequences. Therefore the risk of penalty of conviction should not beavoided, but the defendant should get the necessary advice and guidance fromthe experience criminal attorney. Thelegal system can be changed in your favor when you have a trained and skillfullawyer who knows how to file your case in the law to turn your defense stronglyin your favor.

  2. Clifford Hardwick was appointed as city attorneyby Mayor Bill Campbell in 1994, he served as an Attorney general in the Atlanta city till heresigned in 1998. His knowledge and experience of working as a lawyer in theGeorgia court has been long enough to serve the public.
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