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Les Floyd

After decades of sleepwalking through life, I've finally woken up and realised the greatest dreams are achieved with open eyes and a conscious mind...

Glenn Le Santo

Cut me & I bleed content. Journalist since pre-internet. Professional tweeter, social media & live event expert. Creative, innovative & bold.

Eqbal Khan

I,m Eqbal Khan Sr. SEO executive in Indiawisdom Software Technology. Our company provide web development, web design, wordpress, PHP etc.


Episcopal Rel & Dev

As the Episcopal Church’s response to human suffering, we provide disaster relief and promote sustainable development by addressing the root causes of poverty



Aussie Truth

ANIMAL ADVOCATE Eliminate Cigarette Filters and 50% of Global Litter will Disappear.


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Appco Group Asia Reviews

Appco provide smarter service for clients


Medical Equipment Manufacturer. Star Export House. Dedicated to provide quality products to improve healthcare delivery, globally.

Rashida Amahtullah

See my online blog at and help with new titles and bills to congress. A new Green Industry with online networks for artists, musicians and filmmakers who integrate to develop products for energy and food. I recommend Biomie, and decelopments for Peace , AGDO for a new planting industry, mineral oil epoch and new investments for future generations, to alleviate poverty and unify families across the globe. Artists, Writers and contractors can also support Energime UNiversity, Energime Sustainable Technology, Energime Ghana and New Arab International Organization for peace. Agriculture programs, big data mining operations, anticorruption networks, clean air, food and health campaigns can all collaborate plans for peace Artists that i support Muhammad Arshad Khan, Madinah Gharib, and more.. See The artist Muhammads' journey of excellence from a small village as a child labor who became a sociologist in Karachi University is now apart of the management of TCS and an international artist. like his page Follow his tweets Subscribe to his channel If you want to know more about him see MAK Karachi Pakistan Artist (Painter & Sculptor) President World Art Games NC Pakistan Chairman Ranrra Development Trust Cultural & Literary Secretary and founder member of Pukhtoon Thinkers Forum Manager Administration in TCS Head Office Also, Madinah Gharib is the Cultural and Arts ambassador for the US State Dept. madinah gharibs fineart/ a bid began on Request arab and Native American art also. Valued at 20g back in 1985, with the church of god and christ, the biblical characters are documented in Hartford Court on Washington street, Hartford, Ct. The largest collections of Bible Characters of color was apart of a lawsuit, in 1980. Madinah Garibs art can be viewed on the website of U.S. Department of State for Art in the Embassy under ( Gharib) in Washington DC. Sammy Davis Jr made a purchase of Madinahs' fine art and she appeared on the Gayle King show also.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster is a columnist for the Iconoclast in Texas and has been involved in many organizations dedicated to enacting positive change. How the NeoCons Stole Freedom – and how we can take it back, is the title of her blog.

Lisa Stewart

I enjoy life at 50yrs.I care for my family and home.I assist my husband with his construction buisness.I still enjoying bicycleing.I spend time visiting friends and the local community.Lately I have put my heart and energies into assisting the search for Tacoma,Wa. missing 18yr.old Christopher Dillion Verdell.Please pray for and support his family as so many love and seek to find Chris.