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Youyang Hou

PhD Student in School of Information, University of Michigan. I am interested in HCI, social computing, and data mining.

Jessica Lyn Van Slooten

Derek Mehraban

Happily married father of two amazing kids - Abby and Lucy ages 8 and 6. My wife Amy is a professor at the University of Michigan. Living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Running my company - Ingenex Digital Marketing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Instructor of New Media Drivers License at Michigan State University.

Bonnie Bucqueroux

Schmoopsie continues her search for the truth

Liz Lawley

Alice Daer

Assistant Professor of English at Arizona State University. I write about social media literacies and genres from an ethnographic perspective. I use Storify to collect and share examples from my research.

Josh Pasek

Steven L. Johnson

Asst. Prof. at Temple U., tweets focus on social media, online community, gamification, health informatics, and RStats.

Cathy Davidson

(aka Catinstack). Author of Now You See it. Prof at Duke. Innovator, reformer. Co-Founder #hastac. Technopragmatist. Education, society, business, the future.

Erica Olsen Firment


Rob Malda

As the interwebs are vastly complex series of tubes, I don't much maintain this particular bit of it. You'd be better off visiting which is my actual homepage.

Reynol Junco

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness - Mark Twain Rey Junco is a social media scholar who investigates the impact of social technologies on college students. Rey’s primary research interest is using quantitative methods to analyze the effects of social media on student psychosocial development, engagement, and learning. His research has also focused on informing best practices in using social technologies to enhance learning outcomes. For instance, Rey’s research has shown that technology, specifically social media like Facebook and Twitter, can be used in ways that improve engagement and academic performance. Rey has recently published papers on: the relationship between Facebook use, student engagement, and learning, the academic effects of multitasking, the digital divide in cell phone ownership and use, using social media to promote civil discourse on college campuses, and how Twitter can be used for academic purposes in order to increase student engagement and improve grades. Rey earned his doctorate in education in counselor education from Penn State University. Rey also earned his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Penn State where he studied and conducted research in neuropsychology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The University of Florida where he studied and conducted research in neuroscience. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Academic Development and Counseling and the Director of Disability Services at Lock Haven University where he teaches first year seminar courses for undergraduates and graduate courses on social media in higher education.


Ultra-caffeinated writer, journalism educator, communication scholar, rocker, cat lover and bon vivant.


I am a Journalism Professor at Temple University. My specialty is new media.