Fat Loss Factor Review - ((WARNING)) Truth About FLF PROGRAM

Fat Loss Factor Program Scam WARNING! - The Lies Are Exposed Right Here! Find Out What's Really Inside FAT LOSS FACTOR PROGRAM

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  1. Fat Loss Factor - An Ultimate Guide To Shed The Extra Pounds

    Overweight seems to be a common problem for millions of people globally. It is of no wonder that the weight loss market is overflowing with weight loss products including diet supplements, exercise programs, diet programs and many more. Not all of them are effective and not all of them are genuine. One of the weight loss systems that has generated a big buzz is Fat Loss Factor. What is Fat Loss Factor? What are its features? What are its pros and cons? Does it really work? Are you interested in knowing the answers for these questions? Read further.

    Before knowing about the program you should know about Charles Livingston who created this program.


    Who is Charles Livingston?

    He is a certified Chiropractor, a certified nutritionist, a popular wellness professional and a recognized weight loss expert. He has been successful in helping his patients in losing weight and getting a lean and healthy physique. He felt sick when he saw people wasting their hard earned money in buying weight loss pills, drops, diets and supplements. He was not satisfied with helping his patients alone. He wanted to help people all over the world who are suffering from weight loss problems. He has created this program after years of hard work and research.

    What is Fat Loss Factor?

    It is a 12-week weight loss program. It is available in the form of downloadable eBook. What are the two main components of weight loss? Diet and exercise - There can be no doubts about this. The right combination of these two important factors make a weight loss program effective but is it just enough if you eat and exercise correctly? What about the other factors like stress, lack of self motivation and emotional eating etc. that increases your weight? The other problems too should be solved if you want to attain your goals. Charles Livingston understands this. That is why his program gives importance to stress management, self motivation and setting personal goals etc. It is a step by step plan that covers varied aspects of weight loss. It is divided into two main stages - The first phase is cleansing stage and it is followed by fat burning stage. This program gives importance to cleansing of liver and increasing of metabolism to shed the extra pounds that you carry. Charles Livingston explains all that is needed to do in a package of books, software, video and forms. To understand it better you should know about the format.
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    What is the Format of Fat Loss Factor?

    The first thing is the main eBook. The book explains the two phases of weight loss in detail. The cleansing phase is focused on detoxifying your body and preparing it to get ready for weight loss. To cleanse your body you have to follow the diet recommended by Charles strictly. In the next phase you can eat more balanced foods but you have to do regular workouts. The workouts offered in this program are classified into beginner, intermediate and advanced. The two phases are explained through Master Cleanse videos, exercise log and workout plans apart from the eBook.

    Eating the same food can become boring and repetitive. To avoid boredom you are given a recipe eBook. These recipes help you to cook your favorite foods healthily.

    If you buy step inside a supermarket you are tempted to buy calorie-rich processed foods. To avoid this Charles provides you a shopping list for groceries.

    Setting a goal is very important for the success of all ventures. If you set high unattainable goals you may not be able to attain it and it you may feel dejected and depressed. Setting low goals is meaningless. This program gives clear guidelines on setting the right goals.

    Is it enough if you set the goals alone? You have to measure the results to see if you have attained it or not. You can use the measurement forms to know about your progress.

    It is clear that Fat Loss Factor is a complete package on weight loss.


    What Are the Foods to be Included and Avoided in Fat Loss Factor?

    The cleansing stage lasts for 2 weeks. You are recommended to eat only organic foods that include fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables. This is the toughest part but this is essential because this stage lays the foundation for the long term weight loss.

    Are you interested in rapid weight loss? Charles Livingston recommends a tasty way to lose weight with lemonade and recipes that include cayenne pepper and maple syrup etc.

    After two weeks you need not follow strict diet but you have to eat nutritious diet. The foods recommended include a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, salmon, tuna, low fat dairy products, soy products and whey protein etc. You have to avoid unhealthy foods like additive corn syrup, bread and other high calorie foods. Above all you have to drink plenty of water.

    What Are the Exercises Recommended by Fat Loss Factor Program?

    The exercises are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced stages. You can choose your level and then start to proceed. The workouts include high intensity cardio workouts and strength training. Strength training is important to enhance the metabolism and burn fat faster. Are you very busy? Are you worried that you cannot spend 40 minutes or more for workouts? Fat Loss Factor program has a solution for you. You can opt to go for the 15-minute workout session.

    Exercises also include yoga and breathing exercises etc. to reduce stress which is one of the main culprits for weight gain.

    What is the Cost of This Program?

    It has a wide array of features. Dr. Charles Livingston has left no stone unturned. What do you expect the price could be? I am sure you would expect the price to be $100 or more. Isn't it? If so, you are absolutely wrong. It costs just $48. It is very reasonable and affordable. You really get more than what you spend. You have an added advantage of 60-day money back guarantee.
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    What Are the Pros of Fat Loss Factor?

    * It is a natural and safe way to lose weight. There are no dangerous side effects. It has been created by Charles after years of scientific research and studies.

    * It does not ask you to go for severe fasting and heavy exercising.

    * It is easily accessible and easy to understand.

    * You need not worry about injuries because the exercises are divided into three stages.

    * You can get ready of the toxins in your body which improves your general health.

    * Your metabolism is increased and you can remain energetic throughout the day.

    * You can rid of stress and improve your mental health.

    * You can develop a positive attitude towards weight loss and life.

    * You can know about the healthy living and the lifestyle modifications.

    * This program focuses on long term weight loss and not on short term magical weight loss.

    * You can eat, drink and exercise correctly and lead a healthy life.

    Are There Any Cons?

    The initial cleansing stage is not easy to follow. It needs a lot of determination and self control. Moreover, buying organic food is more expensive. Some of the exercises recommended are to be done with gym equipment.

    What is the Final Verdict?

    Fat Loss program is a scientific program with a long list of pros and a very few cons. It is a unique approach to weight loss. If you are serious about weight loss and if you are looking for a program with long term results without affecting your health, you can definitely give it a try. The testimonials and reviews are encouraging. There is not anything to lose. It is worth a try.

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