#ASISTinEurope: Join me, @CleverFrances, on my ASIST adventures

I am pleased to have been able to attend the 2016 ASIST meeting in Copenhagen. I'll add to my story as my adventures continue; I hope you enjoy the journey!


  1. Acknowledgements:

    My ASIST 2016 adventures have been made possible by a grant from the John Campbell Trust, which is managed by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Processionals (Cilip).

    I am also attending as a new member, after being nominated for (and winning) a European Chapter award by my supervisor, Professor Hazel Hall.

    Thank you, Cilip and ASIST for making this adventure possible!

    (Details on both are on links below.)
  2. Just in case someone reading this has found my hankie, this tweet gets top billing! :)
  3. After all of the award-winning and travelling, I finally made it to Copenhagen! It's time to do #ASIST2016 proud!