The Witch Glitch


  1. Hey guys! It’s time for Clash Royale Glitch, Bugs, Cheats or Hacks that players found on the game. Please take note that these bugs of glitches usually don’t last long especially if it’s already out on the public and a lot of gamers are using it. Today let’s check out The Witch Glitch. Please don’t get too excited since this Clash Royale Bug is no longer working and has long been patched but it’s still cool to see this kind of glitch.
  2. The Clash Royale “Witch Glitch” happened last January, a week after the game was released. Since the gaming population back then is still small, not many players these days know of this that is why I am sharing it here. Again, this is no longer working. This is for entertainment purposes only. Feel free to leave your thoughts through comments below and if you found some Clash Royale glitches or bugs that is not well known yet, feel free to share it with us and we’ll credit it to you.
  4. So this glitch works by putting a Tombstone behind a tower, the closest it is to the corner, the better. A Witch is then placed behind it hoping for it to be stuck between the Tombstone and the walls of the arena. If successful, the Witch will get stuck there but it won’t die. It will continue on summoning skeleton armies. If it goes un-check, they can easily overwhelm enemy minions on the other side of the arena. Check out the video below to see this Clash Royale Glitch in action. Cheers!