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prudential car insuranceprudential car insurance


  1. prudential car insurance
  2. prudential car insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. How long does it take to get insurance for a 50cc scooter?
  6. I am going to buy a scooter soon but as soon as I do I would like to ride it as soon as possible. I can get MOT, TAX within 2 days but I don't know about insurance? How long would it take to get insurance for it and how much would it cost for a 50cc scooter approximately? Thanks for any responses :)"
  7. My auto insurance covers anybody who drives my my teen covered? I cannot afford to list him....?
  8. Me and my teen have a car. I have both cars listed on my insurance with full coverage. If he is not covered is there an insurance company that will cover a driver of his age without more
  9. Is there a CHEAP car that fits my needs?
  10. Hey, Im a soon to be 19 year old, looking for my first car, I iwll be getting my licenses next month and was wondering is there like a cheap big body cars out there sorta like the more"
  11. What is the cheapest car insurance in Florida?
  12. I wand to know what is the cheapest car insurance in tampa FL this is my first car insurance and i am 23 what is the avrage for people in my same age pay for thier insuranse and i have a clean record the car will be Acura 2.2 CL 1997 2doors
  13. What is the cheapest BMW on insurance and fuel?
  14. Just was wondering which car would be the economical one. I'm guessing its probably something in the 3 series but not sure, Anyone know?"
  15. "I touched a car bumper when i was backing, how much that would affect my insurance?"
  16. I touched a car bumper when i was backing, how much that would affect my insurance?"
  17. I have got automatic driving license 2 days go and I`m looking for car insurance?
  18. i just checked with direct gov to understand the insurance policy then i checked the compare sites to get a better deal depending on the car that i will buy , the problem the least more"
  19. "Car Insurance, should I go as a named driver?"
  20. I am 25, just passed, I got a quote from the post office for a 2001 MITSUBISHI Colt 1.3 Equippe at 2500 for the year... I live in a posh area (my nan n grandads) and the car will be parked on the drive. If I go as a named driver on my Grandad's insurance, who has plus 10yrs no claims how much cheaper do you think it will be? Does my Grandad have to buy the car in his name? What's the best way I can do this? Or should I just drive his punto 1.2l as a named driver, as a guess how much do you think i will have to pay extra so my grandad is still paying the same he usually does?"
  21. Wouldn't the PPAC (Obamacare) bankrupt insurance companies?
  22. PPAC seems very similar in nature to the Community Reinvestment Act that played a role in the 2008 financial crisis. The PPAC requires insurers to offer the same premium (price fixing) to all applicants of the same age and geographical location without regard to most pre-existing conditions (excluding tobacco use). It also states that minimum standards for health insurance policies are to be established and annual and lifetime coverage caps will be banned. As a business owner, I don't see where the government comes to the conclusion that insurance companies could survive the price fixing and taking on such high risk liabilities. It seems like 2008 all over again, does it not? Wouldn't they get involved in something similar to what the banks did with derivatives since they were forced to take on high risk loans? It seems like the big focus on Obamacare is the part where people are forced to buy insurance. I don't think that is a big issue, the big issue is how can the insurance companies handle this? Am I wrong? I am going to do more research tonight."
  23. How much does car insurance cost if you're under 21?
  24. Hi. I'm 20, female, turning 21 late next month and my mom is planning to ship her 1998 mercedes benz sedan to me (in NC) from california early next month. I went to a driving school when I was 17 and I have been driving ever since. I also do have a clean record. If I would want to have a full coverage, how much do you think will it be per month? And also, since I am turning 21 in a couple of weeks after the car itself arrives here, do you think it will cost me less? Thanks."
  25. Is there any Health insurance for a 4 year Marine Veteran (never deployed)?