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Hangout at home with The Prince of Wales for the #iwill campaign

Young ambassadors from the Step up to Serve #iwill campaign joined The Prince of Wales at his official London residence today for a Google+ Hangout talking about their experiences of social action.


  1. The Prince of Wales took part in his first Google+ Hangout today, as he welcomed young ambassadors from the #iwill campaign to join him at his official London home to share their experiences of social action.
  2. The Google+ Hangout marks the first anniversary of the campaign, which is run by the charity Step up to Serve with the aim of making social action the norm for all 10-20 year olds in the UK by 2020.
  3. Whether volunteering, fundraising or campaigning, social action is about young people taking practical action in the service to others.
  4. For the #iwill ambassadors taking part, excitement to share their stories with The Prince one year after its launch was building...
  5. Live from the sofa in the Garden Room at Clarence House, His Royal Highness was joined by television presenter Alex Jones, as well as the inspirational #iwill ambassadors who are all making a difference to the lives of others through social action.
  6. Introducing the hangout and welcoming the ambassadors to @ClarenceHouse, His Royal Highness said he recognised the key importance of digital technologies in communicating with others around the world and spoke about his admiration for those making a difference.
  7. They were joined by other ambassadors from across the United Kingdom who spoke about their personal experiences, including Devan from South Yorkshire who told The Prince how he had turned a negative experience of bullying in to a positive outcome.
  8. And across social media, support from other young people who were inspired by the #iwill ambassadors poured in...